About us

Established in 2016, the Center for Global Engagement (#GlobalFAU) provides unique and comprehensive international expertise through oversight of several service departments and areas, a multitude of global engagement activities and outreach, and signature events.

The Center for Global Engagement coordinates activities that strengthen the university Global Perspectives and Participation Platform.


The Center for Global Engagement aspires to be the catalyst that positions FAU as a world-recognized leader in higher education.


The Center for Global Engagement serves as the coordinating unit for the Global Perspectives and Participation Platform, and creates synergies to develop, promote and advocate for a globally diverse university community and culture, by fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment through innovative global exchange, education, competence, and outreach.


  • Build a diverse, globalized student body through increased recruitment of international students that fosters cultural awareness and enriches the FAU community.
  • Advance international learning and global competency of all FAU students, through study abroad and exchanges, internships, and international and global courses and degrees.
  • Promote international research and teaching opportunities for FAU faculty to create new knowledge, attract top talent and foster innovation.
  • Enhance FAU’s global networks and partnerships with international universities of distinction and strengthen FAU’s visibility as a global higher education leader.