The FAU Jazz Orchestra and Chamber Combos, under the Artistic Direction of Dr. Courtney Jones, are ensembles devoted to the performance of original compositions, traditional masterworks, and offers those participating exposure to a multitude of jazz styles and literature. 

Auditioned based, these ensembles are opened to ALL Majors (attending FAU) who are willing to perform repertoire that crosses different musical aesthetics, innovative, methodologies, and ideological concepts, with an emphasis on improvisation and structure. Due to this approach, some (not all) of the compositions will require its members to double on secondary instruments and to be knowledgeable of the aforementioned.

If you play a traditional wind-instrument (saxophone, trumpet, trombone), rhythm-section (piano, guitar, bass, drum-set), and or sing, you are eligible to audition. Auditions are held at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. 

Any questions, please contact Dr. Jones at CourtneyJones@fau.edu or FAUBands@fau.edu for pertinent information.

Jazz Orchestra: MUN 4713 (Under Graduate), MUN 6716 (Graduate), & MUN 1710 (Non-Credit)

Chamber Jazz: MUN 4714 (Under Graduate) MUN 6715 (Graduate), & MUN 1710 (Non-Credit)