Our Process

TOPS employs instructors to provide  instruction in the visual and performing arts. Classes are led by exceptional teachers who are chosen for their ability to communicate with children, as well as their artistic abilities.

Campus tours to galleries and other departments, as well as visiting artists in the classroom, are often used to augment class instruction. Above and beyond the arts, teachers are also required to incorporate both literacy exercises and character building skills, such as cooperation, negotiation and compromise, assertiveness, and stress management into their classes. Furthermore, our curriculum includes the history and vocabulary of each art form taught, as well as its application and/or performance.

For many of our campers, when they create a work of art or complete a musical, or dance performance, it is the first time in their lives they have accomplished something positive and beautiful. Seeing their work on exhibit or hearing applause while on stage, they realize they are successful, and valuable individuals.

Program Portfolio

Although we focus a large portion of our camp on a music program, we also provide our campers with a myriad of activities to explore other creative avenues.

Our summer program includes:

  • Piano
  • Creative Writing
  • World Drumming
  • Art
  • Exploring FAU Observatory
  • Exploring the FAU Library
  • Pool Activities
  • Music Games
  • Talent Show
  • *Master Classes by FAU Faculty and other guest performers
  • *Special Guest Speakers
  • *Performances at various FAU locations
  • Other Campus Tours

And so on...*varies each summer! The camp will conclude with a recital which all students will be able to participate in.  All family and friends are invited and a reception will follow the performance. Dress is formal concert attire: no sneakers, jeans, or open-toe sandals, or short skirts for girls.

Piano Program

Our piano program provides  beginners, intermediate and even  advanced players with:

  • Instruction that is comprehensive and focused
  • Assistance with developing the camper as an overall musician and building good technique
  • Instruction in music theory and piano literature
  • Observing and participating in  the Piano Institute masterclasses
  • Daily practice time
  • *Two private lessons per week in which the camper and teacher will select pieces that will be presented at the TOPS final recital on Friday. Teachers focus on pieces that are part of the classical repertoire for soloists, avoiding pop tunes, rock tunes, and/or reductions of orchestral pieces for piano.
  • Two elective classes each day - selecting from Composition/Arranging, World Music, Organ or Duo Piano

*If your child has a piece that he/she has been working on lately, and would like this to be polished for performance, please bring this piece to camp.

Creative Writing Program

Our creative writing program provides campers with:

  • a 45-minute creative writing workshop
  • Encourage campers to give voice to their imaginations through a variety of literary forms and techniques
  • Tactile observation and group dynamics to actively engage students in the creative experience of writing

All camp sessions take place on the Boca Raton campus of Florida Atlantic University from 9 am until 4 pm.

  • Camper drop-off, pick-up and daily classes are located in the Arts and Humanities building (next to the University Theatre).
  • Daily activities include private and group lessons, technique classes, creative writing, master classes, supervised practice, presentations and performance, entertainment and recreation, and tours of the FAU Boca Raton campus.
  • Campers should bring two snacks and drinks and lunch each day to camp, or they may purchase snacks and drinks for $1 per item (lunch is not for sale).
  • On Fridays, we will provide a pizza lunch with drinks and cookies for the price of $6 - please bring this amount the first day of each camp session.

Sample Schedule

Please note that afternoon activities change every summer and activities vary by age group.

Click here to view sample schedule