Internships and Career Services

Erin Martignetti

Dear Arts and Letters Students,

As the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters dedicated Career Center liaison, my job is to cultivate opportunities that provide students with skills required to be career ready.

Florida Atlantic University's Career Center connects students and alumni with meaningful employment, internship, and graduate school opportunities through career readiness programming and career advising. The FAU Career Center also offers a wide variety of dynamic services, programs, and resources that will enable you to continue to plan your career and enhance your career readiness skills. Information about career services can be found at the following link,

Internships serve as excellent opportunities for you to apply the knowledge that you have learned in the classroom and further explore your chosen major(s). In addition, an internship experience will help you develop skills that will prepare you for your transition into the workplace.

I invite you to contact me to learn more about employment opportunities. In addition, I am very interested in connecting with student clubs and organizations. Please contact me if you are interested in having me present to your members at an event.

I can be reached at

To meet, please schedule an appointment via Handshake

Erin Maharaj, MBA, CCSP,  Assistant Director, Career Center Liaison to the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters


College Internships


Departmental Internship: Please contact the department
Internship Course: Please contact the department
GPA/Other Requirements: None
Contact: Michael S. Harris , Chair
Phone: 561-297-3230




Departmental Internship: Yes (Commercial Music only)
Internship Course: MUS 4940
GPA/Other Requirements:
Commercial Music Department approval



School of Communication and Multimedia Studies

Departmental Internship: Yes
Internship Course: COM 3945
GPA/Other Requirements: 18 credits in Communication;
3.0 GPA in Communication courses and overall;
Permission of department
Contact: Neil Santaniello,



Political Science

Departmental Internship: Yes
Internship Course: POS 4941
GPA/Other Requirements: GPA 3.0 or higher
Contact: Jeffrey Morton,,
(561) 297-3212




Departmental Internship: Yes
Internship Course: ENG 4940
GPA/Other Requirements: 12-15 credits in the major;
3.0 GPA overall and in English;
Permission of instructor
Contact: Wendy Hinshaw,



Visual Arts and Art History

Departmental Internship: Yes
Internship Course: ART 4942C or ART 4906
GPA/Other Requirements: Please contact department Website



Departmental Internship: Yes
Internship Course: HIS 4944
GPA/Other Requirements:
HIS 4065 or permission of instructor
Contact: Sandra Norman,