Diversity, Equity, and inclusion

The School of Communication and Multimedia Studies Program (SCMS) is proud of the rich cultural diversity among our faculty, staff and students, and offers a vast array of courses on topics which address: Ethnicity, Race, Gender Identity, Religion, Nationality, Age, Sexual Orientation, Socio-Economic Status, and Abilities.

In the SCMS Program…

  • We value humanity and encourage intellectual growth in pursuit of truth, justice, and equality.
  • We are committed to attracting the best and brightest from every group, including those who have historically and/or traditionally experienced discrimination, marginalization, or prejudice.
  • We recognize that dialogue between and with people from different cultural backgrounds, heritages, perspectives, beliefs, and values enhances the academic experience and possibilities for serious public and intellectual inquiry.
  • We encourage research, creative activity, and civic engagement that reflects those experiences that arise out of the diversity of our community.
  • We advocate creating an environment that respects the dignity, self-determination, and civil rights of all persons, and recognizes that intolerance and prejudice diminish those possibilities.
  • We are dedicated to the Honor principle, which promotes each of us to actively maintain an open-mind and generous heart to welcome and support all its members.
  • We recognize that every member of the community has a right to be respected, and to speak, teach, work, and learn free from intolerance or harassment.
  • We acknowledge that every member of the SCMS community benefits from the talents and experiences of our peers, from the mutual respect we exercise on a daily basis, and from the responsibilities we take for our actions.
  • We recognize that each of us deserves an equal opportunity to teach, to learn, and to grow in a supportive academic community.

(printable version of diversity statement here)


The School of Communication and Multimedia Studies at Florida Atlantic University is home to multiple communication related journals, research initiatives, community partnerships, and ongoing projects.


Critical Conversations

A series of engaged conversations on contemporary issues, critically and thoughtfully examined.




Partnership with Living Room Theaters

A truly unique collaboration between SCMS and Living Room Theaters provides the community with first-run, independent, and all digital cinema from around the globe during evening hours. During the day, LRT provides graduate students with four state-of-the-art theaters in which to teach and screen films.


Digital Media Initiatives

Digital media intitatives at SCMS form a broad collection of forums investigating the current state of digital media culture, design, and production, including:

  • Ethical XR 2019: A Multidisciplinary Symposium on the Future of Extended Reality
  • MODS-Apptitude AR App Development and STEAM Summer School
  • XR (Extended Reality) Courses & Research - Virtual Reality, Agmented Reality, and Spatial Computing
  • Wavelengths – classical music radio
  • South Florida Journal – audio journal
  • meme™ - MTEn Experimental Media Ensemble
  • Flamingo Film Festival – international festival of student films
  • 1:1 Super-8 Cinema Soireé
  • SIGGRAPH Community Events

Initative Archives