Message from the Chair of Political Science

Welcome to the Department of Political Science at Florida Atlantic University.

The Department of Political Science offers undergraduate and graduate courses that contribute to the understanding of American politics, comparative politics and international relations. The Department embraces the epistemology of social science research and helps students develop skills important to this field, and many others, including written and oral communication and critical thinking.

Students in the Department are encouraged to engage in quantitative and qualitative research by applying the basic principles of scientific methodology. In addition to developing these skills, the Department is dedicated to providing practical experience and advanced research opportunities through, for example, the Honors Program, Campaigning Program, Diplomacy Program, research-oriented upper division courses, directed independent studies and internships.

The faculty and staff in the Department strive to help students meet their academic goals.

If there is anything I can do to help improve your experience in the Department of Political Science, please let me know.

Mehmet Gurses