Internships can be important stepping stones to careers in Communication. The School of Communication and Multimedia Studies at Florida Atlantic University includes a for-credit internship course granting students practical experience in varied communication-related fields while earning course credits. This study option is intended to enrich the curriculum and help students explore different career options through experiential learning.

COM 3945, the Communication Internship, is a three-credit course offered during the summer, fall and spring semesters. COM 3945 is a majors-only course that can be used in the Contexts section of the Communication Studies major and in the Production and Focus sections of the Multimedia Studies major and can be taken to fulfill a capstone or practicum course requirement. Students must obtain an internship on their own. Opportunities can be found via the FAU Career Center’s Handshake website (Sign In | Handshake), or with guidance from the school internship supervisor, University Instructor Neil Santaniello (

The internship must fit the communication major. Examples include positions in public relations, corporate or political communication, marketing, print, broadcast or online news reporting, writing and editing, television, film or video production, social media management, and other communication-directed jobs. Interns can work for corporations, not-for-profit agencies, educational institutions (including FAU), community organizations among other employers that meet program requirements.

Internships for credit are subject to the policy guidelines adopted by the School's faculty and explained below. Students must first meet the eligibility requirements to qualify for admission to the Communication Internship course. Enrollment in COM 3945 is a privilege reserved for majors who distinguish themselves as above-average students. Students must receive instructor permission to enroll, which usually is granted after the student meets course prerequisites, obtains an appropriate internship, completes the online course application (posted on Handshake), and obtains school and Career Center approval.

Internships that do not count for credit in the Communication major – but toward other elective course credit – can be arranged through the Career Center’s Professional Internship Course (IDS 3949).