Dr. Claudia Dunlea

Ph.D., University of Hamburg, Germany
Senior Instructor

Areas of Expertise

  • 20th Century Europe
  • European Integration History
  • Modern France
  • Modern Germany

Email: cdunlea@fau.edu
Office Phone: 561-297-2334

faculty photoDr. Claudia Dunlea received her Ph.D. from the University of Hamburg, Germany. She specializes in 20th-Century European History with an emphasis on European integration history since 1945. Dr. Dunlea is the author of Die Außenbeziehungen der Europäischen Gemeinschaft für Kohle und Stahl von 1952-1960: Die Anfänge einer europäischen Außenpolitik? (Franz Steiner Verlag 2003), a book based on her dissertation research which investigates the origins of a supranational European foreign policy in the 1950s.

Her recent research on the diplomatic relations of the European Union will be published in two forthcoming articles: "The Future Union Embassies - The Beginning of the End of National Diplomacy?" (The New Europe. Stony Brook, NY: Forum Italicum Publishing, 2006) and "Charles de Gaulle und das Scheitern einer europäischen Diplomatie" (Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte, 2006).

Dr. Dunlea has presented papers at academic conferences in North America and Europe. Her teaching interests include 20th-Century Europe, Modern France, Modern Germany, the Cold War in Europe, and history, institutions and policies of the European Union.


Undergraduate Courses

  • WHO 2022 — History of Civilization II
  • EUH 3206 — 20th Century Europe Since WW II
  • EUH 3451 — History of Modern France
  • EUH 3343 — 20th-Century Europe To WW II
  • EUH 3462 — History of Modern Germany
  • EUH 4282 — Rise And Fall Of The Cold War

Curriculum Vitae (Available upon request)