Graduate Admissions

APPLICATION TO THE PROGRAM: Requirements for admission and how to apply

  1. Complete a bachelor's degree, preferably with a major or minor in Sociology. Students without an undergraduate Sociology major or minor may be admitted to the program but may be required to take additional undergraduate course work in sociology.
  2. Earn competitive scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). [Note: GRE scores over five years old will not be accepted.    The requirement of GRE scores may be waived for applicants who already hold a graduate degree.]
  3. Earn a minimum 3.0 grade point average for the last 60 credits of undergraduate work leading to the bachelor's degree.
  4. Have interests and aspirations compatible with what the department offers.   Applicants must submit a statement of purpose (500 to 1000 words) that (a) discusses their subject/field interests within sociology and (b) considers how this department is a good fit with those interests.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to reason and write at a level appropriate to graduate study in sociology.   Applicants submit submit a sample of their writing:   a paper from an undergraduate course is acceptable, as is an essay exam.
    NOTE:  the statement of purpose and the writing sample should be sent to, with a cover note indicating that they are part of the application for admission to the graduate program.
  6. Provide two strongly positive references from faculty knowledgeable about your academic ability.  A minimum of two academic references is required.
    • Sociology majors/minors at Florida Atlantic University should identify two FAU sociology faculty members who are willing to serve as their references.  [Note:  the most useful references come from faculty with whom you have taken an upper-division class.    We suggest that you contact any faculty member from whom you might seek a reference and ask him/her about serving as a reference.   Offer to provide them with any background material (like a copy of your statement of purpose or an unofficial transcript) that might be useful to them.
    • Other students must obtain two letters of recommendation from faculty members with whom they have studied.  The most useful references will come from social science faculty members.  Email for more specific instructions that can be provided to your references.
  7. Complete an online application to the Graduate College of Florida Atlantic University. 


The Department of Sociology offers graduate teaching assistantships to outstanding students.  

These assistantships provide students with a full tuition waiver (for three classes per term) plus a stipend of $4000 per term in return for their work as assistants to the teaching faculty.  Students who are awarded a GTA (graduate teaching assistantship) have the opportunity to work closely with the faculty on their courses and make a significant contribution to the quality of the courses offered to both lower and upper division students.    

A GTA is deeply involved in the life of the department, as the position requires full-time enrollment (three seminars) and about twenty hours per week of grading, tutoring, and other assistance to the faculty.   The Department provides GTAs with a dedicated workspace near the Department's office suite in the Culture and Society building on the Boca Raton campus, as well as a range of professional development opportunities.

If the GTA's work in both the assistantship and the graduate program is satisfactory, the assistantship is continued for the four terms necessary to complete the degree.

The assistantship includes a full waiver of tuition plus a stipend; students are responsible for paying all student fees.

NOTE: When you submit your statement of purpose and your writing sample, please indicate in your cover memo whether you wish to be considered for an assistantship.


Students may apply for admission at any point in the year and, if accepted, may begin study in Fall or Spring term.   We strongly encourage students to begin in Fall term, as this will make progression through the program easier for you. 

Applicants seeking a Graduate Teaching Assistantship may wish to defer admission until Fall term, when assistantships are most likely to be available.  

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.  Review of applications begins mid-semester in Fall and Spring term.  Those seeking admission for Fall term are encouraged to complete their applications by the end of March, especially if they are seeking an assistantship.   Those who apply late in Spring term might be admitted to the graduate program for the Fall term, but may be too late to be considered for an assistantship

The first step in your application is to apply online through the Graduate College.

After you have applied on-line, send your statement of purpose and your writing sample to and arrange for your faculty references.