faculty photo  Max Kirsch

Max Kirsch, Ph.D.

UNESCO Chair in Human and Cultural Rights
Ph.D., City University of New York, 1989

Office: SO 177, Phone: 561-297-2874, E-Mail: mkirsch@fau.edu

Most of my work as an anthropologist has been economic and political anthropology, globalism, the anthropology of work and the anthropology of gender, as well as human rights and issues of peace and justice. 

In doing this, my focus contains questions of the meaning and generation of theory and their consequences on the analysis of local populations in global settings, as well as the analysis of the individual in society.  The anthropology of work focuses analyses of work and labor through history (and prehistory) and contemporary approaches to the study of work and globalization, including their effects on communities under stress.  While the anthropology of gender concentration has incorporated methodological issues of the analysis of gender in contemporary settings and debates around the development of theory.

More recently my work has taken a more specific environmental turn, looking at the integration of the environment within the discipline of anthropology, and concretized by fieldwork on the environment and the consequences of environmental abuse in South Florida (and elsewhere).


The Public Matters (Ph.D. Core Course), Seminar in Anthropological Theory, Integrating the Environment, Environmental Human Rights, Industry, Community and Social Change in the Florida Everglades, Ethnographic Aspects of the World Capitalism System, Labor and Work, The Anthropology of the United States, Urban Anthropology, The Anthropology of Work, Human and Cultural Rights, The Anthropology of Violence, The Anthropology of Water


Globalization, Inclusion and Exclusion, Florida Everglades, Work, Industry, Community, Anthropological Theory, Gender

Current Fieldwork:  Work, Development and Legislation in the Florida Everglades

Selected & Recent Publications

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Forthcoming Publications

The Way We Live Now: Discovering Anthropology for a New Century. London: Routledge, 2009.

Publications In Progress

Working for Inclusion: Manufactured Participation, Community Organization and the Politics of Place in the Florida Everglades (Working Title)

A Lynching in Belle Glade: Community Organization and Environmental Justice in a Rural Southern Town

"Structural Violence and the Persistence of AIDS in a Rural Southern Community" (With Dale Stratford)

"Space, Place and Community in the Global Ecumene"

Articles and Clippings

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