Greg Lukasik


Greg Lukasik

Instructor of Sociology

Phone: (561) 297-0815
Office: CU 266/Boca Campus

Research: Social movements, labor union history, comparative historical sociology, political economy, globalization.
Teaching: Sociological perspectives, environmental sociology, social movements, social problems.


I was born and grew up in Poland. After I completed 8th grade, my parents sent me to a prestigious ship-building high school where I learned to design and construct commercial ships. During my high school years, I supported the “Solidarity” Movement in Gdansk, Poland. The movement that quickly spread all over Poland originated in the shipyard in Gdansk where I had my school practicum. I immigrated to Greece after the declaration of martial law in Poland by the military regime of Gen. Jaruzelski. While in Greece, I co-founded School for Children of Political Refugees in Athens, Greece. For my political involvement in “Solidarity” that was de-legalized after the Marshal law by the Polish regime, I received a political refugee status from the U.S. Embassy in Greece. Shortly after, I immigrated to the United States to study biology at Indiana University in Bloomington. After graduating from Indiana University, I worked for International Research Corporation in Mattawan, Michigan and for AMWAY Corporation in Ada, Michigan. I returned to school to study sociology at Western Michigan University and later at Florida State University. After earning my doctorate at Florida State, I joined the faculty at Florida Atlantic University. I am married to Gina Carreno-Lukasik, also a sociologist. Gina and I have a daughter: Natalia – who, like her parents, likes to travel and spend time outdoors.

Selected Works

Lukasik, Greg. Book Review. Postcommunism from Within: Social Justice, Mobilization, and Hegemony, Jan Kubik and Amy Lynch (eds.). International Journal of Comparative Sociology, April 2014, 55 (2): 180-182

Lukasik, Greg. 2012. “Have Nice Girls Gone Bad? Social Constructionist Approach to the Rise in Female Violent Offenders.” Pp. 211 – 224 in Crime as a Social Problem, edited by R. McNamara and K. Bell. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press.

Isaac, Larry, McDonald, Steve, and Greg Lukasik. 2006. “Takin’ It from the Streets: How the Sixties Breathed Life into the Labor Movement,” American Journal of Sociology, 2006, vol.112(1): 46-96

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