Phone Directory - Theatre and Dance

  Position Title Office Location Office Number
Shorrock, Thomas Chair & Associate Professor AH 114B/BR 7-3810
Figueras, Elvira Program Assistant AH 114/BR 7-3810
Atkins, Tom Professor AL 185/BR 7-3814
Brooks, Clarence Associate Professor AL 124/BR 7-3810
Gallant, Des Associate Professor AH 175/BR 7-3810
Johnston, Kathryn Associate Professor AL 178/BR 7-3695
McNutt, Lynn Associate Professor AL 1166/BR 7-3810
Shamburger, Dawn Associate Professor AL 167/BR 7-4584
Soroko, April Associate Professor AL 176/BR 7-3810
Soroko, Lee Assistant Professor AL 164/BR 7-2983
Evans, Chris Scene Shop Manager PA 113/BR 7-3810
Adomaitis, Jill Adjunct AH 114/BR 7-3810
Bryant, Rachel Adjunct AL 177/BR 7-3810
Caldwell, Christopher Adjunct AH 114 7-3810
Carr, Jill Adjunct PH 102 7-3810
Dopson, Caroline Adjunct AH 114 7-3810
Kocher, Cindy Adjunct AH 114 7-3810
Mills, Joseph Adjunct AL 177/BR 7-3810
Price, Elizabeth Adjunct AL 177/BR 7-3810
Shamburger, John Adjunct AL 167/BR 7-3810
Wells, Scott Adjunct AL 177/BR 7-3810
Costume Shop   AL 105/BR 7-1180

 Theatre Lab

Stabile, Matt Producing Artistic Director  PH-102/BR 7-4784
Carr, Jill Director of Education and Community Outreach PH-102/BR 7-4784
Kris, Cassie Company Manager PH-102/BR 7-4784
McClain, Michael Production Manager: Resident Scenic Designer PH-102/BR 7-4784
Tyrrell, Louis Founding Director, Dorothy F. Schmidt Eminent Scholar in the Arts PH-102/BR 7-4784
Orrego, Joanna Literary Mgr & House Mgr PH-102/BR 7-4784


Tickets available at FAU Box Office, SU-80

561-297-6124 (for internal use only)


Building Name

(AH) = Arts & Hum.
(SO) = Social Sci.
(GCS) = Gen. Class.
(VA) = Visual Arts
(PA) = Perform. Arts
(AL) = Arts & Letters
(AT) = Askew Tower


(BR) = Boca Raton
(DVE) = Davie
(TWR) = Ft. Lauderdale-Tower
(BCM) = Ft. Lauderdale-Commercial Blvd.
(ST) = Dania Beach
(JDM) = Jupiter
(TCC) = Port St. Lucie


Boca Raton: 561-297-ext.
Tower: 954-762-ext.
Commercial: 954-351-ext.
Davie: 954-236-ext.
Jupiter: 561-799-ext.
Port St. Lucie: 561-873-ext.