Why do Honors?

The Department of Political Science has developed an Honors Thesis Program to provide undergraduate students with research experience and skills that they will need in their future careers. The Honors in the Major Program provides students with:

  • Small classes and individual attention
  • Mentoring by multiple faculty for success at FAU and after graduation
  • One-on-one work to hone research and writing expertise
  • Development of skills used in graduate school, law school, government work, and employment
  • Environment that enriching writing and presentation skills

Admission to the Honors Program

A student must be a Political Science Major and meet the following requirements for admission to the honors program:

  1. A minimum overall GPA of 3.2.
  2. A minimum overall Political Science GPA of 3.5.
  3. Completion of the three required courses for majors:
    1. POS 2041 (Government of the USA)
    2. CPO 3003 (Comparative Politics)
    3. POS 3703 (Research Methods)
  4. Submission of a statement of purpose to the Department of Political Science.
  5. Submission to the Department of Political Science of a sponsor letter from a Political Science faculty member stating that he or she will supervise the student’s honors research.


The Honors Program consists of an Honors Seminar and a Senior Thesis. Students enroll in POS 4304 (Honors Research Seminar) in the fall of their junior or senior year. The Honors Research Seminar is a three credit hour advanced research design seminar that teaches students how to conduct political science research. The Seminar is designed so that students will learn how to research while studying a specified political science topic or topics. The Seminar prepares students to conduct their own research by completing a Senior Thesis.

Students who receive a minimum grade of A-minus in the Honors Seminar enroll in POS 4970(Senior Thesis) for three credits in the spring of their junior or senior year. Students must present their senior thesis at a department or university research event and receive a minimum grade of A-minus to graduate with a degree in Political Science with honors.