Internships: Conduct / expectations

The intern should not be perceived as a "go-fer," an "expert," or a "volunteer." The School of Communication and Multimedia Studies expects all interns to be treated with respect and that their educational experience receive the utmost priority. It is understood that certain professions require employees to do a reasonable amount of clerical work (i.e. photocopying, faxing, stuffing envelopes). However, these tasks should not represent the bulk of the student's internship experience. The internship director reserves the right to terminate the internship of any student where suspected exploitation and/or harassment is taking place. Students are strongly encouraged to report any type of exploitive or harassing behavior to the internship director. Examples of this type of behavior might include being asked to do additional tasks unrelated to the internship, pressure being placed on the intern to develop personal relationships with the agency supervisor or members of the agency, or any type of sexual innuendo or overture being made toward the student by an agency supervisor or any of the agency members.

At the same time, students should realize that while they are participating in the internship program, they represent Florida Atlantic University and the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies. The opportunities available to succeeding students depend on the record of diligence, achievement, and good will achieved by current interns.

Students are encouraged to be particularly selective when choosing an internship placement. However, once a student assumes an internship, he/she should see the internship as a priority commitment. Many times, students drop classes when their schedules get too busy. However, dropping an internship can have severe consequences for the University and subsequent students interested in a particular placement. Students behaving irresponsibly at internships will forfeit their privileges to procure future internships through the Communication School.

Students are encouraged to maintain regular contact with the internship director, who will be available to discuss concerns related to the internship. Any problems that arise should be reported to the internship director immediately.