English Department Faculty

English Department Faculty

English Faculty

English Faculty
Adams, Robert Don Professor
radams@fau.eduDW 303Jph: 561-297-3830
Modern and Contemporary Literature, Gay and Lesbian Literature, Literature and Philosophy
Claudia Amadori
Amadori, Claudia University Instructor
camadori@fau.eduCU 356ph: 561-349-7102
College Writing, Interpretation of Drama
Balkan, Stacey Associate Professor
sbalkan@fau.eduCU 325ph: 561-297-3830
Literature and the Environment, Ecocriticism, Global South Studies, Petrocultures & Petromodernity, Postcolonial Literature and Theory, Postcolonial Eco-criticism, Anglophone World Literatures
Barrios, Barclay Professor; Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
bbarrios@fau.eduCU 338ph: 561-297-4573
Composition and Rhetoric, Computers and Composition, Writing Program Administration, Technorhetoric
Berlatsky, Eric L. Professor; Associate Dean of Graduate Studies; Director of the PhD in Comparative Studies
eberlats@fau.eduAH 211Bph: 561-297-3830
20th-century British and Postcolonial Literatures, Modernism, Postmodernism, Critical Theory, Comics Studies
Janelle Blount
Blount, Janelle Instructor, Associate Director of the Writing Program
blountj@fau.eduCU 306Bph: 561-297-3830
College Writing, Interpretation of Fiction
Bucak, A. Papatya Associate Professor
pbucak@fau.eduCU 348ph: 561-297-3830
Creative Writing, Fiction
Buckton, Oliver Professor; Department Chair
obuckton@fau.eduCU 306Gph: 561-297-3830
19th-century and 20th-century British Literature and Culture, Film, Gender Studies, Spy Fiction, Theory and Criticism
Cassanetti, Nico Senior Instructor
ncassane@fau.eduCU 331ph: 561-297-3830
Composition, Creative Writing, Interpretation of Fiction & Nonfiction
Cervone, Skye   Instructor
scervone@fau.eduCU 342ph: 561-297-3830
Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature; Literary Theory, Animal Studies & Biopolitics, 20th & 21st-century Literature
Chenovick, Clarissa Assistant Professor
cchenovick@fau.eduCU 353ph: 561-297-3830
Renaissance Literature, Medieval and Early Modern Devotional Writing, History of Science and Medicine, History of Reading and Voice, Translation and Multilingualism
Criscuolo, Melissa University Instructor
mgarc112@fau.eduCU 318ph: 561-297-3830
College Writing I & II; Interpretation of Fiction; Interpretation of Nonfiction; Interpretation of Poetry; Interpretation of Drama; Introduction to Creative Writing; Professional Writing 
Dagbovie-Mullins, Sika Professor;  DFSCAL Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair
sdagbovi@fau.eduCU 323ph: 561-297-3830
African American Literature, Literature of the African Diaspora, Critical Mixed Race Studies, Theories of Gender, Race, and Ethnicity, Popular Culture
Fox, Regis M. Associate Professor
mannr@fau.eduCU 346ph: 561-297-3830
African American Literary and Cultural Studies, Feminist Theory, Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Tiffany Frost
Frost, Tiffany Senior Instructor
tfrost3@fau.eduCU 355ph: 561-297-3830
College Writing, Interpretation of Fiction
Furman, Andrew Professor
afurman@fau.eduCU 360ph: 561-440-3630
20th-century American and Multi-ethnic Literature, Judaic Studies, Creative Writing, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction
Galin, Jeffrey R. Professor; Director of the University Center for Excellence in Writing
jgalin@fau.eduCU 350ph: 561-297-3830
Composition, Literacy, Technology, Intellectual Property, and Writing Program Administration
Sheryl Gifford
Gifford, Sheryl University Instructor
sgifford@fau.eduCU 358ph: 561-297-3830
College Writing, Interpretation of Drama
Andrew Gothard
Gothard, Andrew Instructor
jgothard@fau.edun/aph: 561-297-3830
College Writing, Interpretation of Poetry
Hagood, Taylor Professor
thagood@fau.eduCU 343ph: 561-297-3830
American Literature and Culture (Faulkner, African American, Southern) and Critical Theory
Jacob Henson
Henson, Jacob Senior Instructor
jhenson4@fau.eduCU 324ph: 561-297-3830
College Writing, Interpretation of Fiction, Creative Writing, Professional Writing
Hinshaw, Wendy Associate Professor; Director of the Writing Program
whinshaw@fau.eduCU 306Jph: 561-297-3838
Contemporary Rhetoric and Composition Theory, Feminist Theory, Literacy Studies, Prison Literature, and Service-Learning
Kelly, Warren Hill University Instructor
wkelly13@fau.eduCU 345ph: 561-297-3830
Professional Writing, Interpretation of Poetry
Erin Kiley
Kiley, Erin Senior Instructor; MA & MFA Graduate Advisor
ekiley1@fau.eduCU 329ph: 561-297-3830
Professional Writing, Interpretation of Poetry
Kini, Ashvin Assistant Professor
akini@fau.eduCU 322ph: 561-297-3830
Postcolonial Literature, U.S. Multiethnic Literature, Transnational Feminist & Queer Studies, Critical Ethnic Studies, British & U.S. Empire, Asian American Studies, Film Studies
Leeds, John C. Associate Professor
jleeds@fau.eduDW 303Gph: 561-297-3830
British Renaissance Literature, Renaissance Latin Literature
Lettman, Stacy J. Assistant Professor
lettmans@fau.eduCU 332ph: 561-297-3830
Caribbean Literature
MacDonald, Ian Assistant Professor
imacdonald@fau.eduCU 315ph: 561-297-3830
Speculative Fiction and Fantasy, African and Diasporic Literature, Postcolonial Literature and Theory, Utopian Literature, Globalization and Cosmopolitanism
Julia Mason
Mason, Julia Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies; Director of Prof/Tech Writing Certificate
jmason32@fau.eduCU 339ph: 561-297-3830
Rhetoric & Composition, Professional & Technical Writing, Posthuman Theory, Computers & Composition
McKay, Becka Professor; Director of Creative Writing
rmckay3@fau.eduCU 320ph: 561-297-3830
Translation, Creative Writing
Miller, DeAndra Instructor
deandramille2019@fau.eduCU 331ph: 561-297-3830
Composition, Creative Writing, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Comics & Graphic Novels, African American Literature
Miller, Timothy Assistant Professor
millert@fau.eduCU 341ph: 561-297-3830
Science Fiction and Fantasy, Critical Plant Studies, Literature and Science, Narrative Theory, Game Studies, Middle English Literature
Mitchell, Susan Professor
smitch21@fau.eduCU 362ph: 561-297-2961
Creative Writing, Poetry
Kathleen Moorhead
Moorhead, Kathleen University Instructor
kmoorhea@fau.eduCU 350ph: 7-3830
College Writing, Interpretation of Fiction
Polak, Kate Instructor; Assistant Director of the University Center for Excellence in Writing
kpolak@fau.eduCU 316ph: 561-297-3830
20th-21st Century Women's Writing & Global Anglophone Literature, Holocaust Literature & Genocide Studies, Creative Writing, Poetry, Comics, Digital Humanities
Potter, Richard University Instructor
rpotter@fau.eduCU 319ph: 561-297-3830
College Writing, Interpretation of Fiction
Frederick Redman
Redman, Frederick University Instructor
fredman@fau.eduCU 327ph: 561-297-3830
College Writing, Interpretation of Fiction
Scarlett Rooney
Rooney, Scarlet University Instructor
srooney2@fau.eduCU 352ph: 561-297-3830
College Writing, Interpretation of Drama
Salisbury, Lauren   Instructor
lsalisbury@fau.eduremoteph: 561-297-3830
Online Writing Instruction, Rhetoric and Composition 
Schwartz, Jason Professor
jschwart@fau.eduCU 357ph: 561-297-3837
Creative Writing, Fiction
Stagliano, Anthony Assistant Professor
astagliano@fau.eduCU 326ph: 561-297-3830
Contemporary Rhetorical Theory; Media Theory; Publics; Arts-Based Research
Stockard, Emily Associate Professor;  Associate Department Chair
stockard@fau.eduDW 303B & CU 342ph: 561-297-3830
English Renaissance
Taylor, Taryne Jade Assistant Professor
ttaylor5@fau.eduCU 313ph: 561-297-3830
Science Fiction and Fantasy, Afro-, Indigenous, and Latinx Futurisms, Transnational Feminist Theory and Latina Feminisms, Utopian Literature, 19th-century British and Global Anglophone Literature
Thomas, Carla Assistant Professor
carlathomas@fau.eduCU 347ph: 561-297-3830
Old & Middle English Language & Lit, Medieval Poetics, Manuscript Studies, Medieval Gender & Sexuality, Vernacularity & Multilingualism, Diversity & Inclusivity in Medieval Studies, History of the English Language
Lillith Trewick
Trewick, Lillith University Instructor
ltrewick@fau.eduCU 317ph: 561-297-3830
College Writing, Interpretation of Creative Nonfiction
Trotter, Dorothea Visiting Instructor
dtrotte2@fau.eduCU 312ph: 561-297-3830
Transnational and Postcolonial Literature, Cultural Studies, and Intermediality Studies
Ulin, Julieann Associate Professor; Director of Graduate Studies
julin@fau.eduCU 349ph: 561-297-3830
Irish Literature, Transatlantic Modernism
Vado, Karina Assistant Professor
kvado@fau.eduCU 351ph: 561-297-3830
Afro-Latinx, Chicanx, and Latin/x American Literary and Cultural Studies; African American Literary and Cultural Studies; Critical Race and Feminist Science and Technology Studies; Science Fiction and Utopian Studies; Critical Mixed Race Studies
Julianne Zvolensky
Zvolensky, Julianne Senior Instructor; Assistant Director of Writing Across the Curriculum
jzvolensky@fau.eduGS 215C & CU 324ph: 7-1017/7-2853
College Writing

Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus Faculty
Steve Blakemore
Blakemore, Steve Professor Emeritus
18th-century Transatlantic Literature and Culture, Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, Joel Barlow
Faraci, Mary Professor Emeritus
Linguistics and Medieval Literature
Low, Jennifer Professor Emeritus
Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama, Renaissance Literature and Early Modern Culture, Modern and Contemporary Drama
McGuirk, Carol Professor (Retired)
18th-century British Literature, Scottish Studies, Contemporary Fiction
Dan Murtaugh
Murtaugh, Dan Professor Emeritus
Medieval and Renaissance British Literature
Scroggins, Mark Professor Emeritus
20th-century American Literature, Poetry, Modernism, and Post-Modernism, Creative Writing

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty
Berger, Alan L. Raddock Eminent Scholar Chair for Holocaust Studies, Director of the The Center for the Study of Values and Violence after Auschwitz
rberger@fau.eduAH 118ph: 561-297-2979
Literature of the Holocaust, Modern Jewish Thought, Jewish Theology, Jewish American Literatureow
Shusterman, Richard Dorothy F. Schmidt Eminent Scholar in the Humanities and Professor of Philosophy and English, Director of the FAU Center for Body, Mind, and Culture
shuster1@fau.edu SO 124ph: 561-297-0851
American Philosophy, Aesthetics, Ethics and Political Theory, Philosophy of Language and Mind, Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Literary Criticism and Theory, Modernism and Postmodernism

English Office

English Office
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