Dr. Kevin Wagner

Professor and Associate Dean

Email: kwagne15@fau.edu

Research: Dr. Wagner's research and teaching interests include judicial politics, political behavior, legislative behavior, American political development, media and politics, and American political thought. The main theme animating his research is an interest in understanding political change in democratic systems including the shifts caused by technology such as the Internet.
Teaching: Public Opinion and American Politics, Political Party and Interest Groups, Research Methods, Media in Politics, Politics in Film and Fiction, Judicial Politics and Florida Politics

Kevin Wagner received his J.D. from the University of Florida and worked as an attorney and member of the Florida Bar with the law firm of Scott, Harris, Bryan, Barra, and Jorgensen in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He returned to the University of Florida five years later to earn an M.A. and Ph.D in political science.

Dr. Wagner has lectured extensively on American Politics and has been cited in many leading newspapers including the New York Times, Boston Globe, New York Newsday, the Dallas Morning News, and the Miami Herald.  He has been featured as the political analyst for CBS 12 in West Palm Beach and on national television including NBC’s “The Today Show.”

His work has been published in leading journals and law reviews including American Review of Politics, Journal of Legislative Studies, and Politics and Policy.

Dr. Wagner has presented at national conferences including the American Political Science Association, the Southern Political Science Association and the Midwest Political Science Association. His recent work focuses on the affects of technology on politics and campaigning and is currently completing a book with Roman and Littlefield Press entitled "Click and Reboot: How the Internet is Revolutionizing American Politics." His other research focuses in the areas of American Institutions, American Political Development, Judicial Politics,  Political Behavior, and Research Methods

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