Graduate Seminars

Graduate seminars in sociology are built around the in-depth study of particular research questions, methodologies, or sociological subfields. The array of seminars provides students with the opportunity to develop a broad background in sociology within a distinctively "critical" approach to the field.  

Four or five carefully-selected seminars are offered every term.   The seminars listed in the FAU catalogue are only a small subset of those offered.  Many seminars are "special topics" seminars (SYA 6934) that reflect current faculty scholarship and new directions in the discipline. Recent "special topics" seminars have included:

  • Sociology of Aging
  • Women of Color in the US
  • Labor and Globalization
  • Political Economy of Culture
  • Sociology of Education
  • Global Environmental Perspectives
  • Global Perspectives on Gender
  • Immigration
  • Research Methods & Design
  • Feminization of Poverty
  • Comparative-Historical Research
  • Sociology of Development
  • Economic Sociology
  • Race in Global Context
  • Critical Social Psychology
  • Sociology of the Family

Frequently-offered seminars are:

SYA 6117 - Seminar in Critical Perspectives in Social Theory
SYA 6216 - Seminar in Contemporary Social Theory
SYA 6305 - Seminar in Advanced Research Methods
SYA 6315 - Seminar in Advanced Qualitative Methods
SYD 6426 - Seminar in Urbanization
SYD 6705 - Seminar in Race and Ethnic Relations
SYD 6809 - Seminar in Gender Issues
SYO 6205 - Seminar in the Sociology of Religion
SYO 6335 - Seminar: State, Economy, and Society
SYO 6535 - Seminar In Class, Status, and Power
SYP 6035 - Seminar in Microsociology
SYP 6505 - Seminar in Social Control and Deviance