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Theatre Lab 2019-2020 Season Auditions


Theatre Lab, the resident professional company of Florida Atlantic University will hold auditions for its 2019-2020 season on May 29 from 12pm to 8:30pm (break from 3:30-4:30p) at the theatre, 777 Glades Road, Florida Atlantic University, Parliament Hall.

Please 1-2 contemporary monologues totaling no more than 3 minutes. Email Joanna Orrego, Administrative Assistant, at for an appointment.

Theatre Lab will also be attending FPTAs as part of their season audition process.

Theatre Lab will also be casting for several reading and development series throughout the year.  All actors are encouraged to audition!

The plays, roles and dates of production are as follows:

When She Had Wings by Suzan Zeder, A Heckscher Theatre for Families Production

Dir. Matt Stabile

First Rehearsal: 8/13/19; Run: 9/7-9/29

AEA Special Appearance (Level 2) – no health weeks; Non-AEA $380 per week

A story told in sound, movement and words about 9-year-old B. B knows, really knows, that before she could walk, she could fly. She is desperate to remember how before the dreaded birthday comes. In a summer thunderstorm, B's treehouse is hit by lightning, and a mysterious stranger appears. She cannot speak except in strange squawks, single words and occasionally the letters "KHAQQ" … the call letters of the plane Amelia Earhart was flying when she disappeared and was never found. Together they must help each other remember how to fly … literally and metaphorically.

Seeking dynamic actors who enjoy working with and performing for young audiences.  In addition to public performances on Saturdays (3pm & 7:30p) & Sundays (3pm), there will be up to 3 additional performances for school groups during the week – 10:30am CURTAIN TIMES.

B: Female, 9 years old, build like a fireplug, definitely not designed for flight, she longs to escape…into the air – Actor will be 18+ playing a 9-year old, please no submissions from child actors

A: Female, ageless, not quite human, not quite avian.  Language left when her mind separated from memory.  Seeking performers ages 40+ who are adept at movement and dance

SOUND OP: Any, creates feeling of flight through live and recorded sound.  Adept at movement.  Experience as Foley Artist is a plus

WINGMAN: Any, creates visual manifestations of flying out of found objects, puppets and illusions.  Adept at movement and mime

DAD/ATTENDANT/MAN: Male, plays B’s dad, an attendant at a nearby nursing facility, and a mysterious figure. 



Equity (Guest Artist Tier 2) and Non-Equity ($450 per week)

Everything Is Super Great by Stephen Brown, A co-World Premiere

Dir. Matt Stabile

First rehearsal: 11/6/19; Preview: 11/29/19; Run: 11/30/19-12/22/19

A typical day in the life of 19-year-old Tommy involves triple shot lattes, yearning after his assistant manager at Starbucks, and arson at Applebee’s. Such distractions are therapeutic when your older brother has been missing for months, but when a well meaning, if somewhat misguided, therapist shows up on his doorstep, Tommy must finally face his loss.

The following roles have been cast.  Actors will be considered as a possible replacement or understudy for:

TOMMY: Male, 19 years old, looking for direction, loves Star Wars

ANNE: Female, 40’s, Tommy’s mother, sweet, spacey, a little immature, caring

DAVE: Male, mid 30’s, a doormat, spineless, a little bro-ey, hopeful

ALICE: Female, 21, dead-pan, the most exhausted and overworked person.  Ever.



Dir. Matt Stabile

First rehearsal: 1/15/20; Previews: 2/6 & 2/7; Run: 2/8-3/1


To Fall In Love by Jennifer Lane, A Southeastern Premiere

Dir. Louis Tyrrell

First rehearsal: 2/17/20; Previews: 3/12 & 3/13; Run: 3/14-4/5

Scientists claim that anyone can fall in love, simply by asking and honestly answering a specific series of 36 personal questions followed by four minutes of uninterrupted eye contact. But what if the goal is to fall in love AGAIN?  Can this exercise help Wyatt and Merryn save a marriage, splintered by tragedy? 

The following roles have been cast.  Actors will be considered as a possible replacement or understudy for:

WYATT GRIMES: Male, 30’s, any ethnicity

MERRYN THOMAS: Female, 30’s, any ethnicity


Theatre Lab welcomes resumes to keep on file for all technical and design positions.  Please email to  

Theatre Lab Play Submission Policy

Theatre Lab regrets it cannot accept open submissions of plays and musicals. Unfortunately, the cost of reading and processing hundreds of scripts is beyond our modest staff capabilities. We only accept play submissions electronically in the following circumstances:

  1. You are a writer who in the past has had a play developed in some phase of a Theatre Lab New Play Development Program.
  2. You are an agent at a recognized literary agency.
  3. You are either a writer who has had a play developed/presented at one of the theatres of the National New Play Network or are an Artistic/Literary head of an NNPN Theatre.
  4. You either work as, or were suggested to submit by, the Artistic Director, Associate Artistic Director, or Literary Manager (or equivalent position) at a Professional Theatre. In the case of a recommendation, a note from that person must accompany the submission, as well as their e-mail address.

For information on obtaining literary and theatrical representation, other theaters interested in new plays and script submission procedures, please consult the excellent publication Dramatists Sourcebook, published by Theatre Communications Group, a service organization for the not-for-profit professional theater, available through your local bookstore, online through vendors such as, or directly from TCG Publications at The Sourcebook is published biannually, so you may want to confirm that policies have not changed since the latest publication date.