Faculty Learning Communities (FLC)

Master Teachers may lead or participate in a Faculty Learning Community (FLC). A FLC is a relatively small interdisciplinary group of faculty and staff from across the university who gather regularly throughout the year to engage in an active, collaborative environment to enhance their teaching and learning. FLCs focus on a specific topic and work toward the achievement of common outcomes for participants' own professional development and for the betterment of teaching and learning within the university. Thirty-one FLCs have been sponsored by the CTL since the Fall of 2008 with a total of 35 leaders and 204 different faculty and staff members participating. The web page for the Faculty Learning Community program, which includes a listing of the titles for all former and current FLCs, can be found at FAU's Center for Teaching and Learning. Clicking on the name of an FLC will download an informational handout about the objectives of that FLC. We anticipate expanding the Faculty Learning Community program in the future.

Faculty Learning Community Program, 2013-2014

The Scholarship of Teaching Office is pleased to announce the following Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) for the 2013-2014 academic year: 

* QEP-funded FLC 

Participants in the FLCs have been selected and the current program is now closed.

Participants will receive a stipend ($1000 full-year) for active participation in the FLC and upon fulfilling all FLC expectations. These expectations include attendance/participation in at least 80% of all group meetings and work, attendance/participation in the end-of-year FLC luncheon on April 18, 2014, submission of an end-of-year report documenting individual outcomes and results for the FLC's project(s), and completion of the end-of-year feedback survey.

For questions please contact Dr. Jennifer Peluso at jpeluso@fau.edu or 7-1033.

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