William Trapani

William Trapani


William Trapani
PhD, University of Iowa, 2002

Email: wtrapan1@fau.edu
Areas of Expertise: Rhetorical Theory, Criticism and Critical/Cultural Studies

Bill Trapani's research and teaching are informed by rhetorical theory and criticism and critical/cultural studies. His principal areas of scholarly interest include the rhetoric of visual culture, national identity and citizenship studies, and the theorization of contemporary protest and social activism. His work primarily explores the rhetorical construction and consequence of varying figurations of the American national character. Trapani's current manuscript is an examination of the discourse surrounding inter-Native American identity disputes, which has been used to thwart minority enfranchisement and the lofty goals of multiculturalism. His most recent essay is included in Rhetoric, Materiality, and Politics , an edited volume theorizing the force of rhetoric in contemporary life.

Recent Publications

William Trapani Rhetoric, Materiality, and Politics


COM 4603: New Media and Civic Discourse

SPC 6236: Contemporary Rhetorical Theory

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