Suzanne L. Geoffroy

Suzanne L. Geoffroy (MA Sociology, 2006)

"The graduate program in sociology at Florida Atlantic University unequivocally transformed my life.   A first generation college student, it never occurred to me that I might have the opportunity to earn a graduate degree.   There were times, in fact, that I was not sure I would finish my bachelor’s degree.   It was the encouragement of just one professor that made the life I lead today possible. As a student, I learned how to think more critically and to see that social change is possible.   Additionally, my peers and I formed close bonds which helped us stay focused on our educations, despite the many hardships that life presented to us while in the program.   My current position as a professor at a community college was made possible as a result of the opportunity to teach independently while still a graduate student. The faculty and staff are inspiring, unabashedly helpful and committed to the success of the students.   The feedback and persistence of just a few professors made the education that I received possible.   Their wisdom and patience give me hope that other people will be as affected as I have been and continue, well after their formal educations are complete, to affect others.   In short, I can sum up my educational experience as a series of enlightenments.   I am accomplishing personal and career goals that I would have never thought possible even just a few years ago."