The Department of Anthropology, in conjunction with the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters, has 4,000 square feet of well equipped laboratory facilities for student training and research in Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, and Ethnology. Research areas and laboratories include a complete physical processing and cataloguing complex for preparation and preservation of archaeological and osteological specimens, facilities for drafting, lithic imaging, bone histology, etc. There is also a complete woodworking shop to construct and maintain research equipment. 

Large collections of archaeological material, zooarchaeological specimens, human skeletal material, as well as important fossil casts relating to human evolution, are available for instructional purposes. In conjunction with the Florida Atlantic University Audio Visual Media Center, the Department maintains a growing and varied collection of films and videos for classroom presentations. Personal computers are available for student and faculty research both within the department and in the University's computer laboratories.

Chimp and Friend
Cow Skull
graduate student lab
homo sapien
mapping room
zoological archaeological lab
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