Theatre Lab's commitment to dynamic new work in American Theatre is complemented by their highly successful educational outreach program: The Future PAGES Project.

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The Future PAGES Project is committed to the development of future Playwrights, Artists, & Generations of Exciting Storytellers by providing students in grades 3-12 the opportunity to share their voices and stories with the world. The program focuses on dramatic writing, each session centering on a theme from one of Theatre Lab's productions. Students are provided with two writing workshops (Parts of a Story and Elements of a Monologue) and are also invited to a live theatrical performance at Theatre Lab. Afterwards, students are asked to submit original pieces of writing based on the themes from the productions they attend. After a review process, a select number of students from all our partner schools are asked to join in a six-week intensive program to further develop their writing. The program culminates with a live performance of the students' original material!

The Future PAGES Project seeks to foster the development of the next generation of artists and writers and to encourage every student to share their unique voice with the world. Because of generous funding, the workshops and performances are presented at NO COST to students.


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