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Future PAGES Project

The Future PAGES Project is a program dedicated to providing students in grades 4-12 the opportunity to experience theatre and writing in a new way, with participation in a state standards aligned, creative writing workshop at partner schools, and a live theatrical performance at Theatre Lab. 

Each partner school is provided with a curriculum guide with supplemental information for lessons plans, activities, and class projects, as well as rubrics for grading.

Following the workshop and show, students from partner schools are invited to submit their own original true story inspired by the semester's theme (this semester is Upside Down). The submissions are evaluated, and 2-4 students from each school are invited to join our 6-week writing intensive, where they will turn their original stories into performance pieces, and work with local industry professionals to design, produce, and perform their own original show.

Thanks to generous funding from the Heckscher Foundation for Children, the workshop, performances, and intensive are all offered at NO COST.

Workshops begin in August, and field trips take place in September. New partners can schedule their trips as early as May of the preceding school year.

How to get involved:
Email for more information or to set up your workshop and field trip.


Theatre Lab's newest Education Outreach program, LabRATS, brings together upper-level high school students to form a company of young artists and create an original devised theatrical production.

After attending a mainstage production at Theatre Lab, students from partner schools participate in a series of workshops to provide inspiration and the necessary skills to generate their own material.

Following an application and audition process, selected students join Theatre Lab for 8 weeks to create and rehearse an original production, culminating in a public performance. LabRATS provides students a platform and the opportunity to work collaboratively to share their voices with the world. 

Devised theatre workshops begin January, and field trips take place between November and February. New partners can schedule their trips as early as August of the corresponding school year.

How to get involved:
Email for more information or to set up your workshop and field trip.


@Center provides at-risk and incarcerated youth ages 13-18 in Palm Beach County the opportunity to find power in their unique voice, grow and heal through a creative outlet, and share their stories with the community. Students are guided through the process of conceiving, writing, and developing drafts of their own original stories, monologues, and scenes, which are submitted to Theatre Lab for further development and production. By sharing the voices and stories of these young artists, Theatre Lab will provide insightful and impactful change to the lives of those students, as well as our community. 


Insensives last from 1-3 weeks, with creative writing workshops 2-5 held times per week, and scheduling is determined by and set according to the needs and time frame of the partner organization. New partners can set up the schedule for their intensive any time.

How to get involved:
Email for more information or to set up your intensive.

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