Dear Doctor by Avery Elizabeth Godwin

Vespers at the Chapel of St. Anthony by Ruben Aguilar

How do You melt A permafrost heart? by Alexandra Nicole Thomas


Who Moves to Locate Something Lost by James (Jamie) White

Whatever Happened to Vienna? by Jodi Weissman Antman

Ritual by Nuala Carr


for young poets by Erick Verran

1, 2, 2, 1 by Elizabeth Whitton

60% Chance of Rain by Adel Mettawa

RE: Fathers and Copper by Nicole M. Preble

A Mother to Her Child by Dylan Wright

A Note-worthy Absence by Phil Mazzeo

The Non-Latina by Nicole M. Preble

first of fourteen by Elizabeth Straight

The Stranger by Jessica Cohn-Kleinberg

Ink by Elizabeth Whitton


Geography by Donna Olivia Sprauer

Favela 2 by Michael J. Pagan

Everything, Nothing by Matthew Lerette

At the Writer's (Maybe) Hands by Donna Olivia Sprauer

in between an unknowing place by Michael J. Pagan

image of alley way

Melissa Landolfa, "Cobalt"


Hairshirt and Little Bones by Jennifer Urbanek

California T-Shirt by Kristin McGlothlin

Summer in Ohio by L. Gayle Fallon

Nothing Good About Goodbye by Pamela A. Rossow

Countr(oversea)y by Raul Guizzo

Heat Lightning by Sahar Rehman


a life cycle of 10 days by Sahar Rehman

Writing Surfaces by Michael J. Pagan

Palmistry by Michael J. Pagan

There's No ,;.?! In Poetry by Toni Marino