Internships: Evaluation / GRADING

All interns will receive a letter grade derived from their employer/work supervisor’s evaluation of their performance at the mid and end point of the semester (60 percent), and the instructor’s evaluation of the student’s portfolio/final project, reflection essays, and any other pertinent criteria (40 percent). Letter grades will follow the default Canvas grading scheme. Workplace supervisors will be asked to provide students with criteria for excellent, satisfactory, and failing performance. These criteria may be:

  1. Regular, prompt attendance at the workplace as scheduled.

  2. Positive attitude toward associates, supervisors, and work as manifested by factors such as: willingness to learn new skills/information; willingness to respond flexibly to emergent employer needs; willingness to take direction; willingness to assume responsibility; willingness to take criticism constructively; and willingness to work cooperatively with others.

  3. Timely, accurate completion of all work assigned at the workplace, reflecting thoughtful and careful effort demonstrating concern for content quality.

  4.  A professional appearance, as well as other verbal or nonverbal behaviors in the workplace.