Internships: Evaluation of the Internship

50% evaluation by the internship director in the School of Communication & Multimedia Studies

This evaluation is based upon the following point system:

  1. Syllabus of Learning Activities (5 points): Student MUST turn in a completed Syllabus of Learning Activities within the first two weeks of the internship to earn these five points. A syllabus turned in during the third week of the internship will receive no points. Students turning in a syllabus after the third week will be penalized an additional five points. Students should realize that the Syllabus of Learning Activities also serves as a basis for evaluating the quality of the learning experiences. If the internship director reviews the syllabus and finds the quality of the internship to be lacking, he/she has the right to renegotiate the learning activities or to remove the student from the internship. This underscores the importance of early submission of the syllabus of learning activities.

  2. Midterm evaluation— Student's Evaluation and Supervisor's Evaluation (5 points each): Midterms must be turned in at the halfway point in the Internship (usually the 7th or 8th week of the semester). Students will receive 5 points each for their midterm and their agency supervisor's midterm. If an agency supervisor is delinquent in filling out the student's evaluation, it is the student's responsibility to inform the internship director of this fact during this time period. Student midterms turned in during the ninth week will be worth only one point. After the ninth week, student midterms will not be accepted. While students will not be penalized for delays in returning agency midterms when the agency supervisor is at fault, students will not receive points for agency midterms if the supervisor reports that the student did not provide him/her with the midterm forms within the proper time period. This timetable may be adjusted in the case of special or extended internships.

  3. Midterm conference (5 points each): Students will receive five points for arranging a midterm conference with the internship director (either in person or by phone) during the seventh or eighth weeks of the semester. Students contacting the internship director during the ninth week of the internship will receive one point. After the ninth week, no points will be received.

  4. Final evaluation— Student's Evaluation and Supervisor's Evaluation (5 points each): Students must turn in their final evaluation during final exam week to receive these five points. Late supervisor evaluations will result in the student receiving an incomplete. Once again, students will not be penalized when tardy final evaluations are the fault of the supervisor, unless the supervisor reports that the student did not provide the proper forms in a timely manner.

  5. Internship project (20 points): The student must turn in a final project at least three days before the end of the final exam week. Projects turned in after this time will not be accepted unless prior arrangements are made with the internship director. Projects will be evaluated for quality and may receive up to 20 points.

50% evaluation by the agency supervisor

All supervisors will be asked to provide students with criteria for excellent, satisfactory, and failing performance. These criteria may be based on, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Regular, prompt attendance at the workplace as scheduled.

  2. Positive attitude toward associates, supervisors, and work as manifested by factors such as: willingness to learn new skills/information; willingness to respond flexibly to emergent employer needs; willingness to take direction; willingness to assume responsibility; willingness to take criticism constructively; and willingness to work cooperatively with others.

  3. Timely, accurate completion of all work assigned at the workplace, reflecting thoughtful and careful effort demonstrating concern for content quality.

  4. A professional appearance, as well as other verbal or nonverbal behaviors in the workplace.

Supervisors will be asked to give a letter grade at the midterm, but will be asked to assign the student a final point total (1-50) at the completion of the internship, based on the following scale:

A 47-50
A- 45-46
B+ 44
B 42-43
B- 40-41
C+ 39
C 37-38
C- 35-36
D+ 34
D 32-33
D- 30-31
F 29 and below

The student's final grade for the internship will be based on the following scale:

A 93-100
A- 90-92
B+ 88-89
B 83-87
B- 80-82
C+ 78-79
C 73-77
C- 70-72
D+ 68-69
D 63-67
D- 60-62
F 59 and below