Meet Our Staff

Boca Raton Campus

Anna Anoufrieva, Languages

Anna Anoufrieva, Academic Advisor, Languages, Linguistics, & Comparative Literature

"My name is Anna Anoufrieva. If you have any questions about languages and/or linguistics and why learning those subjects is important for your life and career, get in touch with me. I will help you. I think helping others is my calling. Whether my title was a counselor, therapist, success coach, interpreter, or massage therapist, I was and I am always there to help resolve any issues you may have and discover how to enrich your life experience. My approach is informed by my studies at Syracuse University in the MFT Master’s program. I completed my undergraduate studies in Russia with the concentration in Informational Science/ Librarian Studies and certifications in Nursing and Massage Therapy. My love of learning led me to engage in coaching, leadership, and diversity training programs. Dancing, yoga, traveling, Zumba or any other gym class, nature, poetry, music and good movies are things that make me happy. My friends and family keep me alive. Once again, feel free to make an appointment with me for any questions!"

Diana Burgos, English

Diana Burgos, Academic Advisor, English

"Greetings, my name is Diana Burgos and I advise students who are currently majoring or minoring in English. Congratulations on embarking towards your English degree or minor and don’t be shy about asking me questions! Whether you want to know more about the kinds of academic writing, creative writing, and English internship opportunities offered in your track or you want to talk about the nitty gritty specifics of how and why this degree will propel you towards future professional and/or academic success, I’m always open to discussing these and other English-related curiosities. English just happens to be my number one favorite subject. Translation is a close second. I was originally born in Bogotá, Colombia and immigrated with my family at age six to Delray Beach, where I continue to live and attend endless downtown festivals, dabble extensively in Spanish, and earn a self-proclaimed honorary black belt in hurricane preparedness. Rainy days when you can write or just hear a good scary story told by an orator who enunciates for suspense, bilingual tongue twisters, mythology/folklore, classic Hayao Miyazaki films, and music sung in other languages are a few of my daily joys. Florida Atlantic University is also a second home to me – I earned both my Bachelor of Arts in English and my Master of Fine Arts with a concentration in Fiction from here. I’ve also taught English Composition courses here and in Palm Beach State College. Throughout my transition from college to the professional realm, I’ve come to experience the pivotal ways in which the written word continues to shape our world and how a strong and well-learned command of the English language – how obtaining a higher education degree in English – directly translates into success and empowerment for individuals across a vast spectrum of professional fields. I’m excited to work with you as you continue to transform your academic and professional aspirations into a concrete reality and I look forward to meeting you"

Dorran Glasser, Advisor

Dorran Glasser, Academic Advisor

"Hello! My name is Dorran Glasser and I am an Academic Advisor within the College of Arts & Letters at Florida Atlantic University. I am from Miami, FL but grew up in Orlando, FL. For college I attended the University of North Florida and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. I then continued on to the University of West Florida where I received my Master of Education with a focus in Higher Education Administration. My passion for Higher Education and student development directly transcends into helping individuals develop and refine their personal and professional goals into a reality. Please feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your degree(s) of choice!"

Erika Green, Advisor Communication

Erika Green, Assistant Director

Hello! My name is Erika Green and I am the Assistant Director of Student Academic Services for the College of Arts and Letters. I also advise within the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies on the Boca Raton campus. I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I attended Colorado State University where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Technical Communication with a minor in Ethnic Studies. I was extremely inspired by the care and support that I received from the CSU staff and faculty, and that helped me realize that I wanted to have a similar impact on college students. In pursuing this dream, I attended Texas A&M University and received a Master of Science degree in Educational Administration. Over the past few years, I have come to truly appreciate the importance of higher education and the value that college students bring to their institutions and ultimately to the world. I am privileged to be able to work with college students along their journeys through college and helping them visualize their potential for academic and personal success. I am excited to be at FAU and I look forward to working with you!"

Laura Mooney, Director

Laura Mooney, Director

"Hello! My name is Laura Mooney and I am the Director of Student Academic Services for the College of Arts and Letters. Most of my time is spent on the Boca Raton campus, although I do make visits as frequently as possible to the Davie campus. I am originally from snowy Buffalo, New York and have been in South Florida for several years. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Canisius College, a small, private institution in Buffalo. I also earned my master’s degree there in College Student Personnel Administration. I have worked in higher education for over ten years and specifically chose the field of advisement because I wanted to help support students achieve their academic goals as I was helped throughout my undergraduate career. As I was a working student with little support, I know how challenging it is sometimes to attain your academic goals. However, I also strongly believe in the value of higher education and in the student/advisor relationship. I always encourage students to utilize their advisor as a resource as I (admittedly) did not use mine most effectively as an undergraduate. I don’t want other students to have that same experience, especially when help is available!"

Sheena Orr, Advisor

Sheena Orr, Academic Advisor, School of Communication & Multimedia Studies & Visual Arts & Art History

"Hello, I’m Sheena Orr, I advise students majoring and minoring within the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies and the Department of Visual Arts and Art History. Born and raised in South Florida, I’m a two time alumnus of FAU. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in 2006, double majoring in English and Multimedia Studies: Multimedia Journalism. In 2010, I returned to FAU as a part time graduate student and received my Master of Social Work in 2014. My graduate internship experience includes case management and individual and group therapy. My focus as an academic advisor is to assist students with forming and realizing their goals, problem solving, and instructing the essentials of navigating through FAU and their academic life. I’m excited to meet you and hope to be your advocate and partner in your academic success!"

Sherry Rix, Advisor

Sherry Rix, Academic Advisor

Greetings students! My name is Sherry Rix and I am one of the Advisors in the College of Arts and Letters. I received my bachelor’s degree in Sociology from State University of New York (SUNY) at Brockport in upstate New York. After graduation I realized there were places to live where you did not have to shovel snow and fight the ice…so I headed to sunny Florida. I received my Master’s degree from University of South Florida (USF) in Adult and Higher Education. I have been privileged to serve students in several different roles at different universities. I have found great satisfaction listening to students as they talk about their future academic, career and personal goals. As a student I found my college advisor to be my “go to person”. I built a relationship with my advisor that served me well beyond getting my bachelor’s degree. My advisor was a teacher and mentor who steered me to many great opportunities while in college that I would have never been aware of otherwise. I am always excited to meet new students, see returning students and am here to listen if you are looking for that “go to person”. You must plan for success, NOT hope to get there by chance, so let us help you plan your success.

Davie Campus

Suzy Owen, Broward

Suzy Owen, Academic Advisor

"Greetings! My name is Suzy Owen. I grew up in a very small town in Illinois. I received my Bachelor of Science in Education from Eastern Illinois University. While earning my degree at EIU, I spent a summer studying and traveling in Mexico and a Christmas vacation exploring the Amazon jungle. I encourage you to take advantage of opportunities available at FAU. Over the years I have worked in many jobs in the field of education because I enjoy working with students. For the last 13 years, I have been with FAU. I spent my first two years in the Registrar's Office in Davie and then moved to the Student Academic Services Office of the College of Arts & Letters. In Davie, I advise for all the Arts & Letters majors which are available on the Davie campus. Please stop by and visit our new "green" building, Davie West."