Honors Program

Undergrad Communication Studies

The Honors Program in Communication is open to qualified students who wish to pursue a course of study organized around a specific topic, area of interest, or creative project. It is open to all students regardless if their orientation is creative, scholarly or practical communication. Students take a special sequence of courses both inside and outside the School and in their last semester complete a Senior Honors Thesis or a Senior Honors Project under the direction of a faculty advisor.


The new requirements for honors are as follows:

  • Fulfill all University, College and School Requirements for a degree
  • Maintain an overall university GPA of 3.25 and a school GPA of 3.6
  • Work with the director of the SCMS honors program to develop a program of Honors courses around an area of interest
  • Earn 9 semester hours of honors credit, of which 6 come from coursework and 3 come from an honors thesis/creative project (see below)
  • Earn 6 semester hours of credit from designated coursework in SCMS
    • Designated honors sections of SCMS courses (e.g. Public Speaking, Film Appreciation)
    • Graduate level coursework in SCMS
    • Any SCMS course with a signed Honors Compact
  • Earn 3 semester hours by completing a Senior Honors Thesis or Creative Project, under the direction of the SCMS honors coordinator and in cooperation with a faculty advisor in the student's area of interest.

Honors courses consist of:

  • Graduate level courses in the School of Communication & Multimedia Studies and approved Graduate courses in other departments
  • Directed Independent Honors Study
  • Approved upper division courses in other departments
  • Special Honors seminars
  • Senior Honors Thesis or Creative Project

For More Information:

For further details and more information contact School Honors Coordinator Marek Muller at mullers@fau.edu or call 561-297-0042.