Dr. Mark H. Rose

Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Areas of Expertise

  • 20th Century US
  • Urban, Business, Political, Social

Email: mrose@fau.edu
Office Phone: (561) 297-4295

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Mark Rose studies and teaches the social and policy bases of American life in the 20th Century. He is the author of more than forty articles in journals such as the Journal of Urban History, Technology and Culture, The Journal of Policy History, and the Journal of Planning History. Rose’s books include Cities of Light and Heat: Domesticating Gas and Electricity in Urban America (1995); and (with Raymond A. Mohl), Interstate: Highway Politics and Policy Since 1939 (3rd ed., rev., 2012). Rose’s research has been supported by grant agencies including the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Science Foundation, and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Dr. Rose's publications also include (senior author), The Best Transportation System in the World:  Railroads, Trucks, Airlines and American Public Policy in the Twentieth Century (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2010). In 2013, Rose prepared "The President and Transportation Policy: FDR to Obama" for the University of Virginia's Miller Center, following its biannual Goode transportation conference http://web1.millercenter.org/conferences/report/conf_2013_transportation.pdf.  Rose’s more recent publications also include Market Rules:  Bankers, Presidents, and the Coming of the Great Recession (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2019); (co-editor, with Roger Biles), The President and American Capitalism Since 1945 (University of Florida Press, 2017); and “Gilbertville, Illitchville, and the Redevelopment of Detroit,” Journal of Planning History (online September 2019), print version in press; “Arthur Rubloff and the Grinding Politics of Renewal in Chicago, 1947-1986,” Journal of Urban History (online September 2019), print version in press; “At the Intersection of Race, Class, Gender, and Highway Politics,” [review essay], Journal of Urban History (online September 2019), print version in press. In October 2019, Rose and Biles signed a contract with Temple University Press to publish their book manuscript-in-progress, “A Good Place to Do Business.” They focus on five U.S. cities since 1945.

Mark is active in several professional associations. Since 2000, he has held elected and appointed positions in the Business History Conference, the Organization of American Historians, the Society for American City and Regional Planning History, and the Urban History Association. Rose edited or co-edited issues of Enterprise & Society, the Journal of Planning History, and the Journal of Urban History, where he also served as a member of the Editorial Board. Mark was also the co-founder and General Editor of “Technology and Urban Growth,” a book series published at Temple University Press, 1980-1990. Ten books appeared in that prize-winning series. Rose also founded “American Business, Politics, and Society,” a prize-winning book series published by the University of Pennsylvania Press that he co-edited between 2007 and 2018. Eighteen books appeared in the series. Mark is past president of the Business History Conference.


Undergraduate Courses

American Politics since 1750
Urban History of the United States
The 1960s
Shopping, Travel, and Leisure in Twentieth Century America
American Capitalism since 1890  

Graduate Courses

Seminar in American History
Prepared October 31, 2019    

Curriculum Vitae (Available upon request)