Christine Scodari

Christine Scodari


Christine Scodari
PhD, The Ohio State University

Areas of Expertise: Media, Cultural and Gender Studies

Christine Scodari is a Professor of Media Studies and a Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Associate whose teaching and scholarship navigates among multiperspectival analyses of media institutions, texts, and/or participatory cultures across media platforms, highlighting digital media from a gender perspective as gender intersects with class, age, race, and/or other aspects of identity. Among the topics and texts considered in her published works include science fiction film and television fandom, soap opera, the gender/age intersection, and gender, race and class in family history media and culture. Among her recent publications is the 2004 book  Serial Monogamy: Soap Opera, Lifespan, and the Gendered Politics of Fantasy,  an award-winning article in the Journal of American Culture, “Roots, Representation, and Resistance: Family History Media and Culture through a Critical Lens,” and an edited book chapter entitled, “Breaking Dusk: Fandom, Gender/Age Intersectionality”, and the “Twilight Moms”. She is now working on Alternate Roots, a book based on her research on family history media and culture.

Recent Publications

Scodari Serial Monogamy: Soap Opera, Lifespan, and the Gendered Politics of Fantasy


MMC 4704: Media, Representation, and Diversity

RTV 4412: Gender and Television

MMC 6705: Feminist Cultural Studies

RTV 6417: Gender and Screen Cultures

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