Christine Scodari

Christine Scodari


Christine Scodari
PhD, The Ohio State University

Areas of Expertise: Media, Gender, and Intersectional Studies

Christine Scodari is a Professor of Media Studies and a Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Associate whose teaching and scholarship navigates among multiperspectival analyses of media institutions, texts, and/or participatory cultures across media platforms, highlighting digital media from the perspective of gender as it intersects with class, age, race, and/or other aspects of identity. Among the topics and texts considered in her published works include the production, text, and participatory cultures of science fiction film and television, soap opera, the gender/age intersection and gender, race and class in family history media and culture. An award-winning, 2013 article in the Journal of American Culture, “Roots, Representation, and Resistance: Family History Media and Culture through a Critical Lens,” led to her newest book, Alternate Roots: Ethnicity, Race, and Identity in Genealogy Media  (2018, University Press of Mississippi). The book develops a critical approach to family history by investigating genealogy related television programs, digital archives and other websites, books and documentaries, participatory cultural practices such as online negotiation of genealogy media and family history travel, and genetic genealogy. This research led to the publication of a widely read article in the journal Genealogy: “When Markers Meet Marketing: Ethnicity, Race, Hybridity, and Kinship in Genetic Genealogy Television Advertising.” An essay under review, “Unfamiliar Races in Untimely Places:  Anti-Essentialism in the Science Fiction Television Series The Expanse,”brings together her interests in science fiction, participatory cultures, and issues surrounding the social construction of race.

Recent Publications

alternateAlternate Roots: Ethnicity, Race, and Identity in Genealogy Media






MMC 4704: Media, Representation, and Diversity

RTV 4412: Gender and Television

MMC 6705: Feminist Cultural Studies

RTV 6417: Gender and Screen Cultures

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