Viktor Kharlamov


Associate Professor of Linguistics

Ph.D., University of Ottawa



Dr. Viktor Kharlamov is an Associate Professor of Linguistics.

Dr. Kharlamov holds the Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Ottawa, Canada. His primary area of expertise is experimental linguistics, including acoustic and articulatory phonetics, laboratory phonology, and psycholinguistics. His research deals with the phonetics-phonology interface, such as the relationship between phonological and phonetic voicing. Other areas of research include: investigating the roles of L1 phonology, orthographic knowledge, and sub-phonemic detail in the production and perception of speech; and documenting the phonetic systems of Native American languages. In the Department of Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature, Dr. Kharlamov directs an experimental linguistics lab and teaches a wide range of linguistics courses: lower-division courses such as Global Perspectives on Language; undergraduate Introduction to Linguistics; and upper-division and graduate seminars in phonetics, phonology, and psycholinguistics.

Selected Publications

Kharlamov, V., Brenner, D., & Tucker, B. V. (2023). Examining the effect of high-frequency information on the classification of conversationally produced English fricatives. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 154(3), 1896-1902.

Kharlamov, V., Brenner, D., & Tucker, B. V. (2022). Temporal and spectral characteristics of conversational versus read fricatives in American English. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 152(4), 2073-2081.

Kharlamov, V. (2022). Phonetic effects in the perception of VOT in a prevoicing language. Brain Sciences, 12(4), 427.

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