Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Science (BA)

BA in Social Science

The major in Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Science was designed for students who wish to study broadly in the social sciences rather than concentrate on a particular discipline. The knowledge and intellectual training provided is excellent preparation for careers in government, public service, or law. The student who wishes to pursue this major should contact the Office of Student Academic Services of the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters for advising as well as seeking advice of the program director, Dr. Barclay Barrios.  Please make an appointment to consult with an advisor in Student Academic Services for more information.


Degree Requirements:

In addition to the University and College requirements for admission and graduation, the requirements for the major in Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Science are as follows: 

  1. A total of 39 credits are required, exclusive of general education courses; 30 of these credits must be upper division. 
  2. 15-18 credits must be in a single discipline and at least 12 of these must be upper-division. No more than 18 credits may be taken in any one area.
  3. Students choose a primary area of concentration and develop a plan of study in consultation with the program director. 

Students take courses from the following disciplines or interdisciplinary programs: Anthropology, Communication Studies, Environmental Studies, Ethnic Studies, History, Peace Studies, Political Science, Sociology and Women's Studies.  In consultation with and with approval by their concentration area advisor, students will complete a program of study that may include courses from any of these disciplines or programs as well as appropriate courses from other social science disciplines (Economics, Geography and Psychology) across the University and/or other disciplines or programs within the College of Arts and Letters.  

All courses for the major must be passed with a grade of "C" or higher and no course taken on a pass/fail basis may be counted for the major. 

Academic Learning Compact