Noemi Marin

Noemi Marin


Noemi Marin
PhD, University of Maryland, College Park, 1999

Areas of Expertise: Post-Communist Rhetoric; Rhetorical Theory; Eastern European Political Discourse; Gender and Communication Studies; Peace Studies: Democracies in Transition

Professor Noemi Marin received her first graduate degree in English and Spanish Literature and Languages from University of Bucharest, Romania, and her second M.A. in Communication from California State University, Northridge, specializing in Eastern European political discourse. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1999 in Rhetorical Studies, specializing in post-communist rhetoric.

Starting February 2016, Dr. Noemi Marin is the President of the Romanian Studies Association of America, affiliated with Modern Language Association. The term is 2016-2018, and after that, Dr. Marin will be Past President for RSAA for another two years.


The co-authored paper The Last Witnesses? Trauma and Memory as Foundations of German Identity in the Context of the 70th Anniversary of V-E Day (co-authors Yannick Kluch, Bowling Green State University and Lara Lengel, Bowling Green State University) received a Top Paper Award for the Intercultural Communication Division at Central States Communication Association, 2016.

FAU Presidential Leadership Award, 2010

Researcher/Creative Scholar of the Year-Associate Professor Category, FAU 2009

Video Features


Dr. Marin was recently interviewed for a feature that appeared on Romanian television entitled, "Noemi Marin, a Rhetorical Performance".

Romania TV

Dr. Marin was recently interviewed on Romanian National Radio, "Dr. Noemi Marin - Semnături celebre - Radio România Actualităţi Online".

Recent Publications

Books and Edited Volumes

After the Fall: Rhetoric in the Aftermath of Dissent in Post-communist Times Peter Lang, 2007.

Rhetorics of 1989: Rhetorical Archaeologies of Political Transitions. Special Volume. Advances in the History of Rhetoric, Co-edited with Cezar Ornatowski, Routledge, 2015 ISSN: 1536-2426 print/1936-0835 Online

Collocutio, Advances in the History of Rhetoric, Vol. 12/2009- Co-edited with Cezar Ornatowski, ASHR/ Routledge, 2011. 231-429.

Collocutio , Cezar Ornatowski and Noemi Marin , Guest Editors. Advances in the History of Rhetoric, Vol.9. College Park, MD: American Society for the History of Rhetoric, 2007 (110 pages). 151-266.

Controversia, Special Issue: "‘Democracies' in Transition.'" Co-edited with M. Lane Bruner, Vol 5/2, Fall 2007

Editor : International Academic Journal: Journal of Literacy and Technology, 2005-current
ISSN 1534-0975
Over 20 edited volumes, published bi-annually, over 15,500 pages total

Recent Single Authored Publications

"Rhetorical Crossing of 1989:  Communist Space, Arguments by Definition, and Discourse of National Identity Twenty-Five Years Later" in  Rhetorics of 1989: Rhetorical Archaeologies of Political Transitions .  Co-edited with Cezar Ornatowski, Routledge, 2015. 167-186 

 "Universities as Discursive Geographies," RSAA Newsletter, XXVI.1 (2015). 27-32. Reprint. "Universitatile ca Geografii Discursive," Romanian Journal of Journalism and Communication, 1(1) (2006). Trans. J. Ieremia: 85- 90. University of Bucharest Press.

 "Legal Vocabularies, Policy Writing, and Political Rhetoric as Post-Communist Challenges in Global and Local Contexts in Southeastern Europe."  Law- The Art of Good and Just" Plovdiv UP, Bulgaria, 2013. 505-513.

 "Totalitarian Discourse and Ceausescu's Loss of Words: Memorializing Rhetoric in 1989 Romania." The End and the Beginning: The Revolutions of 1989 and the Resurgence of History. Eds. Vladimir Tismaneanu and Bogdan Iacob. New York/Budapest: Central European U Press, 2012. 437-461.

 "Ceausescu's Rhetorical Legacy: Totalitarian Discourse and its Impact on Communist Romania," Twenty Years After: Central and Eastern European Communist Regimes as a Shared Legacy- An Anthology. Ed. Vojtech Ripka,. Prague: The Czech Republic Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, 2010. 1-11. ISBN: 978-80-7211-40-3.

 "History ante portas! Nicoale Ceausescu's Speech in Response to the Timisoara Events and the Beginning of 1989 Romania Revolution." Advances in the History of Rhetoric , Vols. 11/12. 2011 College Park, MD: American Society for the History of Rhetoric/ Routledge. 237--263. * (Trans. included, see Translations)

 "Rhetoric of Eastern Europe." International Encyclopedia of Communication. Vol.IX. Ed. Wolfgang Donsbach. Blackwell Press, 2008. 4233-4237. 

Recent Co-Authored Publications

Cezar Ornatowski and Noemi Marin. "Rhetoric and Revolutions: Or, Why Write About 1989?" in  Rhetorics of 1989: Rhetorical Archaeologies of Political Transitions .  Co-edited with Cezar Ornatowski. Special Issue on 1989. Advances in the History of Rhetoric, Vol. 18:supp. Routledge, 2015.6-12

Noemi Marin and Laura Lengel, "Emerging Media Transformations in New Europe: Past and Future Challenges."Reprint 2012. Isaac A.Blankson and Patrick D.Murphy (Eds). Negotiating Democracy: Media Transformations in Emerging Democracies. SUNY Press, 2008. ISBN13: 978-0-7914-7935-3 . 51-77.

Cezar Ornatowski and Noemi Marin. " Introduction: Transformational Speeches." Advances in the History of Rhetoric, Vols. 11/12. 2011. College Park, MD: American Society for the History of Rhetoric/Routledge. 231-237

Noemi Marin and David Cratis Williams, "Presidential Arguments in Post-Soviet Russia: An Enthymematic Return to National Identity as Argumentation of Citizenry?" Seventh Conference of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation – Conference Proceedings. CD-ROM 2011.Eds. Frans H. van Eemeren, Bart Garssen et all Amsterdam: Rozenberg. 1181-1194. ISBN 978 -90-3610-2438.

David Cratis Williams and Noemi Marin. "Citizen Putin: Presidential Argument and the Invitation to (Democratic) Citizenship." The Function of Argument in Social Context. Ed. Dennis S. Gouran. Washington, D.C.: National Communication Association. 2010. 558-565.

Noemi Marin, (Contemporary Rhetorical Theory); (Intercultural Communication); (National Communication Association); (International Communication Association); (Rhetorical Criticism),  Dictionary of Communication and Associated Terminology. Ed. M. Petcu, University of Bucharest, 2014. 33-34; 143; 408-409 (5000 words total).

Highlights of Conference Papers and Presentations

Presidential Lecture:  "Political Argumentation in the Public Sphere in Authoritarian and Totalitarian Regimes:  Communist Romania as a Case Study." University of Lisbon and Romanian Cultural Institute , June 2015, Lisbon, Portugal.

"Crafting Arguments by Definition for Nationalist Identity in Post-Communist Contexts: A Case for Re-Inventing Communist Models of Argumentation" European Conference on Argumentation , Nova Univ.Lisbon, June 2015

MLA Presidential Panel, "Colonizing Rhetoric of Freedom: Totalitarian Strategies and Post-Communist Practices, Modern Language Association Annual Convention,  Vancouver, Jan 2015

 "De-Colonizing Discourse: Totalitarian Practices and Post-Communist Rhetoric"  Peace Studies International Conference, March 2015

NCA Vice-Presidential Panel , "The Status of International Argumentation Studies: Trajectories of Inquiry" , National Communication Association , Chicago, 2014

Harvard University Lecture : "Rhetoric and Intellectuals in the East European Upheavals of 1989: A Look Back after 25 Years," David Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard U , April 2014

Co-Organizer,International Conference, Colonizing and De/Re-Colonizing Nations: A Research Inquiry into Communist Practices 25 Years Later, Peace Studies Program, FAU, March 2015

Organizer, International Conference1989: 20 Years After, Peace Studies Program, FAU, Oct. 2009

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