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Spring Semester Internship Student Deadlines

See below a list of semester internship student deadlines and final portfolio requirements. Submit your application to the FAU Department of English Internship Program today! To be eligible for an internship position, please download our Internship Requirement and Procedures document [Link to PDF] for more information.

Spring Semester Internship Deadlines

Monday, January 9 Begin semester/begin internships
Friday, January 13 Agency Contracts Due
Friday, February 24 Midterm Evaluations Due
Monday, February 27 – Thursday, March 2 Midterm Conferences
Monday, March 6 – Friday, March 10 Spring Break – be sure to communicate with your agency in advance!
Monday, April 24 Last day of Spring semester classes
Friday, April 28 Last day of Spring internships
Wednesday, April 26 – Monday, May 1 Final Conferences

Applications for Spring Internships Due Friday, February 24

Final Portfolio Assignment

Students must submit a Final Portfolio representing their internship work. The portfolio should be tailored to reflect the content that’s most appropriate for the current internship. The portfolio may be modified with the approval of the Director of the Internship Program. The Final Portfolio includes:

  1. Table of Contents page showing how the materials are arranged and an introductory overview statement describing the contents of the portfolio.

  2. Samples of work completed during the internship. Sample materials could include: articles written or edited; correspondence written or edited; press releases written or edited; scripts written or edited; descriptions of interviewing assignments conducted; descriptions of research assignments conducted; descriptions of any other relevant activities that constituted a source of learning.

  3. Detailed daily journal of the student’s work activities. The journal must be kept up to date and contain the following information: date and time of each entry; detailed descriptions of the work assigned and completed that day; description of any activities essential to the completion of work assigned; descriptions of any interactions with co-workers or with supervisors that seem relevant; notes on your personal strengths and weaknesses in relation to the tasks assigned; and reflections on the knowledge or skills you are acquiring through the internship involvement. The journal should not simply be a listing of day-to-day duties. Rather, it should include thoughtful reflections about the following questions: what are you learning? What do you want to learn more about? What ideas and questions about your own career path is this sparking for you? All journal entries should be typed.

Final portfolio should be submitted in a single, 3-ring binder with the student’s name clearly identified on the front cover. Students may pick up binders after grades have been submitted. Digital portfolios may be arranged in advance with the Director of the Internship Program.

Internships for College Students

Internships play a crucial role for students pursuing careers related to English studies. The Department of English has developed a diverse internship program for students to gain real world experience in a professional setting.

Through FAU’s English Internship Program, our internships provide English majors with practical career opportunities in their desired fields that allow them to apply skills learned in the classroom.

Enroll in the English Internship Program Today

To qualify for the English Internship Program, students must first meet the basic requirements of enrollment. Enrollment in ENG 4950: English Internship is a privilege reserved for current English majors who distinguish themselves as above-average students. Students are evaluated based on academic merit, and limited enrollment allows for careful internship supervision.

To learn more about the Department of English Internship Program, please contact Dr. Wendy Hinshaw at (561) 297-3838 or email