Dr. Leslie Derfler

Ph.D., Columbia University
Professor Emeritus

Areas of Expertise

  • Modern European History
  • France
  • Socialism
  • Biography as History

Email: deflerl@fau.edu
Office Phone: (561) 297-3840

faculty photoDr. Derfler is the recipient of several distinguishing honors both in teaching and research. He has received the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award and the Teaching Incentive Award from FAU. He has also received the University Professorial Excellence Award and the University Distinguished Scholar Award.

Dr. Derfler has been awarded numerous research and travel grants including the National Endowment for the Humanities Travel Award and Fulbright Travel Awards. His many publications include: Paul Lafargue and the Flowering of French Socialism, 1882-1911; Paul Lafargue and the Founding of French Marxism, 1842-1882 (1991); An Age of Conflict: Readings in 20th Century European History (2nd edition, 1996); President and Parliament: A Short History of the French Presidency (1984); and Alexandre Millerand: The Socialist Years (1973).