About the College

A dedicated faculty of distinguished scholars, researchers and artists offer more than 20 undergraduate degrees that combine the best of a traditional arts and liberal arts education with cutting-edge instruction in the emerging fields of the 21st century.

Our undergraduate degrees have prepared more than 22,000 students for successful advanced study and careers in fields as diverse as law, archaeology, journalism and theater. In addition, study in the college's programs has prepared these students to lead lives of greater aesthetic richness, civic purpose, resilience and reflection, multicultural sensitivity and personal challenge. We pride ourselves on providing our undergraduate students with a broad and exciting general education as well as focused and distinctive training in the majors of their choice.

In addition to our majors and minors, the college offers a range of interdisciplinary certificate programs, and encourages students to add fields such as Classical Studies, Ethnic Studies, Peace Studies and Caribbean and Latin American Studies to their transcripts. We offer study abroad programs in Italy, Germany, Spain, Ecuador, and a range of other sites, preparing our students to be sophisticated and adaptable international citizens. The college's undergraduate major programs are offered at the Boca Raton campus. Courses towards degrees are offered on partner campuses.

Arts and Letters faculty across all disciplines are actively involved in scholarly research and creative production. The college is home to award-winning authors, Fulbright scholars, and critically acclaimed artists and performers. There is ample opportunity for students to participate with faculty in research, artistic creation and performance. In addition to pursuing scholarly projects with faculty mentors, students may choose to attend archaeology field schools in Sicily and Ecuador; participate in study-abroad programs with college faculty; work in an on-campus commercial recording studio and for a recording label; assist in a web-based classical radio station; help conduct linguistic studies in our multicultural community; or perform duets with concert virtuosos. FAU's new Honors Undergraduate Research program facilitates faculty mentoring and advising of undergraduate research in all areas of the curriculum.

The Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters includes many public performance and exhibition spaces. Performance spaces include the 500-seat University Theatre and two black box theaters. Annually, these venues present more than 30 concerts, six to eight different theater performances, three dance performances and numerous lectures. There are also two galleries on campus; the Schmidt Center Gallery and the Ritter Art Gallery. Each gallery presents four to six exhibitions during the academic year. Theaters in the Living Room Theaters complex are used for film study classes during the day, and are open at night and on weekends showing independent and foreign films, and serving lunch and dinner.