Rebecca Kuhn

Rebecca Kuhn (Ph.D Comparative Studies w/ specialization in Sociology, 2009)

"Teaching in the Department of Sociology at FAU has been integral to my development as both a professional educator and an intellectual.  The department’s emphasis on critical thinking and developing public sociology has been a good fit with my own interest in teaching students to analyze and work to change the world around them. The most profound aspect of my teaching experience has been the mentorship and trust I have gained from faculty members.  Teaching in this department has given me the opportunity to develop my own teaching methods in my own classes.  This was especially the case when I was given the opportunity to develop my own upper-level class, Media and Society.  In addition to being advised by warm and friendly faculty members, I have enjoyed a sincere camaraderie with my fellow graduate students. The graduate students in this department freely share their teaching resources with one another.  I consider myself lucky to teach in such a supportive, caring, and energetic department."