Office of College Communications

Assistance with External & Internal Publicity


  • OCC maintains the College's homepages.
  • Department areas are responsible for keeping their pages updated, and for following FAU branding.

Print / Collateral Development*

  • OCC can create print projects for public programs. Email Polly Burks with requests.
  • Three weeks lead time necessary for all projects.
  • Department chairs must be notified of projects before they come to our office.
  • If there is a backlog of work, work may be referred to University Creative Services.
  • For end-of-fiscal year jobs, May 1 is the deadline for job requests.
  • All materials must follow FAU branding.
  • All print, video, promotional projects must go through OCC for approval. Please send to or

Media Relations


  • OCC works with the media to publicize events and publicize news in the college.
  • Please keep us in mind for news of awards, developments, research, student highlights, etc.


  • News media frequently contact our office for expert advice.

Issues Management

  • Please keep our office informed of any issues that could potentially generate news coverage.


  • If there is a budget for advertising, OCC will provide options for placement.
  • Requests must be made three weeks in advance (magazines have a longer lead time).
  • OCC can create the art for the ads and help with copy for radio.

Internal Publicity

  • OCC emails a weekly Calendar of Events to the College community as well as external supporters.
  • OCC works with University Creative Services to add events to FAU pages.

Social Media

  • Social media sites must be registered with the University.

Promotional Items

  • All promotional items must be made by an approved vendor.

Cultural Council Grant

  • The College has a grant with Palm Beach County.
  • As a condition of the grant, we are asked to survey our audiences. You may be asked to provide survey forms to your audiences for public programs.
  • If you receive grant support, your materials must include PBCCC logos. Please request through OCC.


  • There is an official FAU photographer that can be requested through an FAU help ticket.
  • Subjects in photos to be used for public purposes must sign a photo release form found on the FAU creative services website. 
  • A photographer is available one day per semester on the Boca Raton campus for official portrait photos.

Polly Burks, MA
Director of Communications | 561-297-2595

Nicole Jacobsen
Coordinator, Visual Communications

Suzy Livingston
University Relations and Public Affairs Coordinator

Arts and Humanities Building, Room 108


Request Forms

Creative Services Work Order
Social Media Request

Permission / Release Forms

Guest Lecturer Release Form
Photo & Video Release Form

FAU Branding / Logos

If you require an FAU or College logo please email

PBCCC Grant Logos
If you require PBCCC grant logos, please email


FAU Portrait Information