Classical Studies

Classical Studies Certificate

The Certificate in Classical Studies is a multi-disciplinary program in the ancient Greek and Roman foundations of western culture. Program offerings include courses in history, philosophy, literature, languages, social and political theory, the arts, archaeology, and rhetoric. In addition to courses that pertain directly to Greco-Roman antiquity, the curriculum includes select courses that treat the reception and influence of classical culture in later historical contexts, including contemporary popular culture.

This program will be especially valuable to students pursuing careers in law, medicine, the ministry, education, or public service. The Classical Studies Program welcomes students from any of FAU’s colleges and those who have earned degrees elsewhere. Along with the Certificate curriculum, the program also sponsors lectures by visiting scholars and other special events.

For more information about this program, contact: Professor Brian E. McConnell, Ph.D., RPA, Director of the Program in Classical Studies and Interim Chair Department of Visual Arts & Art History, tel. 561-297-3871, e-mail