Why Venice?

Just pronouncing the name of the city where FAU hosts one of its most popular Study Abroad Programs, "Venezia," or Venice in English, conjures up images of marble lacings, water reflections, carnival masks, the names of playwright Carlo Goldoni and philander-philosopher Giacomo Casanova, the happy notes of "Rondò veneziano" or the intense reds of Titian's paintings.

A 6-week study abroad experience offers all of the above, in addition to an opportunity to be fully immersed in the Italian language. Students' program evaluations have been consistently excellent, and all agree on one thing: their study abroad experience in Venice has been "life-altering." Some students have joined the program a second, third time...

Venice is conveniently located in Northern Italy and provides an excellent and inexpensive rail, bus, and trolley network that allows students to visit the picturesque Veneto region: Padua, Verona, Lake Garda, Asiago or Trieste. Larger cities such as Florence, Milan, Bologna, and Rome are only a matter of a few hours by train. Slovenia, Croatia, Austria are only a train ride away. If you take the night train you can wake up in Paris in the morning.

Students can enroll in an array of courses: Italian language at all levels, Literature and Culture of Venice, Venetian Cultural Geography or Architecture and Urbanism in Venice.  

Students stay in clean apartments with modern furnishings in the historical center of Venice.

The classrooms are located at the University of Venice, close to Piazzale Roma and the train station, a 30-minute walk from the farthest student residence. All the practical arrangements, from travel to classroom space rental and housing, are handled through Dr. Ilaria Serra, program director.

The course schedule is such that students have plenty of time for sightseeing. No classes are held on Fridays, which means that students can enjoy long weekend trips, if they so choose, or simply discover the city of Venice and its spectacular surroundings without spending much money for travel.

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