Program Requirements


The Classical Studies Certificate is an interdisciplinary program that acquaints students with the ancient Greek and Roman foundations of western culture. The offerings range widely over history, philosophy, literature, languages, social and political theory, the arts, archaeology, and rhetoric. In addition to courses that pertain directly to Greco-Roman antiquity, the curriculum includes select courses that treat the reception and influence of classical culture in later historical contexts, including contemporary popular culture.


Option 1 (6 courses): Six lecture courses, at least three of which must be from the Core list.

Option 2 (6 courses): Two semesters of either Classical Greek or Latin, and four lecture courses, at least two of which must be from the Core list.

Option 3 (6 courses): Two semesters of Classical Greek, two semesters of Latin, and two courses from the Core list.


  1. Core Courses
    • ARH 4100—Pre-Classical and Classical Art
    • CLT 2101—Classical Greek Literature
    • CLT 2102—Classical Roman Literature
    • ENL 3425—Greek and Roman Classics in Translation
    • EUH 4403—History of Greek Civilization
    • EUH 4411—History of Roman Civilization
    • FOL 4933—Classical Mythology
    • PHH 3100—Ancient Philosophy
    • PHH 3150—Greek and Roman Philosophy
  2. Elective Courses
    • ARH 4930—City/Sanctuary in Greek and Roman Mediterranean
    • LIT 4930—Metamorphoses
    • PHH 4170—Philosophical Perspectives on Women in Antiquity
    • POT 4932—Classical Political Thought
    • SPC 3233—Classical Rhetoric
  3. Reception Courses
    • ENL 4210—Medieval Literature
    • FRW 4930—Images of Women in Medieval French Literature
    • HIS 3432—History of Christianity to 1500
    • ITT 4440—Dante, Commedia
    • LIT 6934—Antigones
    • PHH 3280—Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy


  • GRE 1120—Classical Greek I
  • GRE 1121—Classical Greek II
  • LAT 1120—Latin I
  • LAT 1121—Latin II

Alternatives, such as intermediate-level language courses or courses listed under the above designations but with different content, should be discussed with the program director, Dr. Brian E. McConnell ( Language courses can be used to satisfy the University Foreign Language Graduation Requirement.