FAU's Living Room Theater
The screening rooms of the Living Room Theaters double as classrooms for Film Studies students in SCMS
Student speaking into microphone in OWL Radio
Radio production is a vital part of the Multimedia Journalism major in SCMS. South Florida Journal podcast is produced in these courses
Students in Public Speaking courses practice their craft at the School’s First Amendment Plaza
Students in Public Speaking courses practice their craft at the School’s First Amendment Plaza
Recent MFA Graduate Monisha Selvaraj gives a poster presentation on her virtual reality research at the 2019 FAU Research Symposium.
Recent MFA Graduate Monisha Selvaraj gives a poster presentation on her virtual reality research at the 2019 FAU Research Symposium
Recent MFA Graduate Monisha Selvaraj gives a poster presentation on her virtual reality research at the 2019 FAU Research Symposium.
MFA Candidates in the Media, Technology, and Entertainment program (MTEn) use virtual production to capture human motion for their original 3D video game characters


The School of Communication and Multimedia Studies (SCMS) is a vibrant hub within the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters. With an internationally known and award-winning faculty, the School provides opportunities for study for those interested in a wide array of human communicative activities, ranging from face-to-face human interactions to mediated communication to computer animation.

The School of Communication and Multimedia Studies offers two distinct yet aligned baccalaureate degree programs with over 1,200 majors, a Masters of Arts in Communication Studies, and a Masters of Fine Arts in Media, Technology, and Entertainment. The larger of the two B.A. degrees, with over 800 majors, is Communication Studies. The Multimedia Studies degree program allows students to concentrate either in Film, Video, and New Media or in Multimedia Journalism. Undergraduate coursework maybe divided between FAU's main campus in Boca Raton and our Davie campus; the M.A. program is located primarily on the Boca Raton campus, and the M.F.A.program is housed on the Davie campus.

In addition to their coursework, students in the SCMS become involved with many aspects of co-curricular life at FAU. From public debates and Speakers' Corner events, to film festivals and exhibitions, to student clubs such as the Film Clubs and Zeta Iota (the FAU chapter of the national communication honorary society Lambda Pi Eta), to digital media initatives such as Wavelengths and South Florida Journal, to cooperation in student run media such as The University Press, OWL Radio, or OWL TV, SCMS students have myriad opportunities to apply skills learned in the classroom in their engagement in campus and community life. Many of these co-curricular activities fall under the umbrella of the SCMS's commitment to the American Democracy Project, a national initiative promoted by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities in cooperation with The New York Times that is dedicated to the reinvigoration of citizenship and civic engagement among students in public colleges and universities. The SCMS takes the mission of the American Democracy Project to heart, and much of our curriculum explores the inter-relationships among human communication activities and public life. The Communication Studies B.A. is built around issues of communication and civic life.

The SCMS enjoys a unique cooperative, public-private alliance with The Living Rooms Theaters, a four-theater complex located with the School in FAU's new Culture and Society Building. Commercials theaters by night, the Living Room Theaters serve as important teaching spaces during the day for our film classes. The cooperative relationship affords our film students opportunities to study the film business from multiple perspectives.

As a graduate from the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies, you would have many career options. Most of our graduates move directly into the job market, but many others go on to graduate school, law school, or other professional advanced degree programs. The opportunities for SCMS graduates to take theoretical, analytic, and critical perspectives and combine them with performance and production skills opens many career doors. And this is not surprising. A poll of 330 industry leaders conducted by the University of Phoenix revealed that 96% of executives ranked communication and interpersonal skills as the most valuable traits for employees, and the American Association of Colleges and Universities conducted a poll of major U.S. employers that showed that employers want colleges and universities to increase their focus on written and oral communication,critical thinking and analytical reasoning, and concepts and developments in technology, including of course communication technologies. Graduates from the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies fit this profile of what employers increasingly seek.

As you look around our website and investigate our programs, we invite you to envision yourself as either an undergraduate major pursuing the rich array of curricular and co-curricular offerings available to you or as a graduate student specializing in either Communication Studies or Media, Technology, and Entertainment. In the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies, we enrich lives as well as careers.

Carol Bishop Mills, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of the School

SCMS   SCMS is Hiring: Org Com, Journalism, & Film Faculty 

The School of Communication and Multimedia Studies is now accepting applications for the following positions: Assistant Professor of Multimedia Studies (Multimedia Journalism), Instructor of Digital Film Production, and Assistant Professor in Organizational Communication. To apply, click on the links.

Critical ConversationsWatch How Political Celebrities Spread Disinformation with Becca Lewis (Stanford University) in our Critical Conversations series.




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SCMS Speaking Center

Using Medium to Publish Student Work

Journalism professors are encouraging their students to use digital publishing platforms and one such professor in the department is SCMS Senior Instructor Ilene Prusher. She is also a journalist and has been published in TIME Magazine, NBC News Think, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and others.

“I have been using Medium in the last few years as a way to give my students a platform for stories that they worked on in class,” says Prusher. She noticed that other journalism professors were using the publishing platform for their courses, pushing the students “to really bump up their game and get the article ready for publication.”

“I find that sometimes students will think, well, this is just an assignment for class, but if they know that the expectation is actually no, we're going to report it, fact check, edit it, publish it, format it and send it out into the world, it really is . . . a whole other level of responsibility . . . to the story, to your sources, to being accurate,” adds Prusher. The assignment is not only helping students to produce journalistic articles but also helping them build their portfolios.

Prusher elaborated that some of her students "have gone on to use those links, to the stories, to add to their portfolios, to get internships and jobs, you know, while they're getting towards the end of their academic career.”

The latest student publication edited and supervised by Prusher, Pandemic Portraits, includes a collection of profile feature stories done by students on people whose lives were impacted by the pandemic. From healthcare professionals to small business owners, entrepreneurs, teachers, and others, students chose people from all backgrounds for their stories.

Prusher serves as an editor to other SCMS student publications on Medium such as Global Vibe, The Sunshine Report, and Immigration Nation.


2021 Hermes Awards
May 01, 2021

The School of Communication and Multimedia Studies won a Gold Award in the 2021 Hermes Creative Awards competition. The winning entry—a set of promotional videos highlighting the three majors in the School’s bachelor’s...

Scholarships 2021-2022
April 29, 2021

Three merit-based Palm Beach Post Scholarships will be awarded to outstanding SCMS Multimedia Journalism majors who “have expressed and demonstrated an interest in a career in journalism” through their published writings...

SFJ logo
April 16, 2021

The April 16th episode of the South Florida Journal Podcast is now available. Check it out on Spotify, and also check out South Florida Journal on Instagram.

Spencer Paysinger
February 23, 2021

Former NFL player and current Netflix producer and actor Spencer Paysinger met with students interested in TV and film careers over Zoom on February 24, as part of the FAU Black History Month Spotlight Conversation Series.

Integrity Week
February 21, 2021

Did you miss Integrity Week? You can watch the videos for the events at the above link.

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