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Internships for College Students

The FAU English Department Internship Program selects qualified and motivated students for internship placement. All students are advanced in their degrees and have a 3.0 grade point average or better. Students apply to the program and are vetted by the Director before they are connected to you.

Our program’s goal is to work with you to develop internship partnerships that are mutually beneficial: our students want to learn and grow and gain exposure to your industry or field, and they want to contribute positively to your organization.

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English Major Internships for Academic Credit

Start your internship today! If you are interested in our English Internship Program, we invite you download our internship job description and syllabus form [link to PDF]. Please email your completed job description and syllabus to Dr. Wendy Hinshaw, Director of the English Department Internship Program at

How to Find Interns for Your Business

Are you a local agency in need of interns? FAU’S English Internship Program provides current students with valuable career experience in exchange for academic credit.

  • Do I have the time to work with an intern?  FAU English Department Interns are students receiving college credit for working with your company or agency. They are there to learn. While they often bring varied experiences and talents, students generally pursue internships because they want to gain experience in a field or industry and learn more about it. Interns require instruction and mentoring, and explicit guidance about your expectations. If you have the time interns can be a tremendous asset, but if you need someone who can "hit the ground running" you may be better off hiring for a paid position.

  • What can I expect to get from working with an intern?  The goal of the FAU English Department Internship Program is to match motivated and qualified students with agencies and companies that offer internships that require creative work. Our program successfully develops mutually beneficial partnerships that offer students a chance to gain real world experience. The more time you put into developing an intern the more you will get out of them, but the return isn’t immediate: the beginning of an internship will be focused on teaching, acquainting the intern with your expectations and the fundamentals of your organization. You should begin to see results on basic-level tasks relatively quickly, but the real payoff will come further into your internship. With the right instruction and mentoring, a good intern will be able to learn and apply what you’ve taught them and produce solid results for you.

  • What do I have to gain from working with an intern?  FAU English Department Interns come with an eagerness to work and learn and a desire to contribute positively to your organization, and this can have an energizing effect on your entire workplace. They also bring a fresh (novice) perspective that can be valuable to hear. Additionally, working with our interns helps you connect to the entire FAU community.

  • Are internships paid?  Internship positions do not have to be paid, but paid positions are obviously more competitive. The FAU English Department Internship Program offers both paid and unpaid positions. Paid positions are more likely to be awarded to students with additional qualifications and experience. For more information about the US Department of Labor requirements for unpaid internships, please visit this site:

  • How much work can I expect from an intern?  Interns will work 12-15 hours a week with your agency. They are entitled to university holidays but must notify you in advance of these dates. Their start and end dates coincide with the semester.

  • What are students looking for in an internship?  More than anything, FAU English Department Interns are looking for meaningful work – they want to know that they are gaining valuable experience in their chosen field or industry that will increase their future employment opportunities.   Interns want clear feedback and direction from you, and they want the opportunity to sit down with you and others in your organization to learn about your experiences and career paths. In short, they want to learn from you!

  • How are interns evaluated? FAU English Department Interns are evaluated midway through the semester and at the end, by you and by the program Director. They submit a final portfolio and journal detailing their accomplishments and reflect on their learning throughout their internship.

  • What requirements do I need to meet to work with an intern?  You must have a physical office space that is non-residential (no home offices). You must have meaningful work and projects to include interns in and the time to teach them. You must be able to provide regular feedback on their work.

Need Interns for Your Startup?

If you’re wondering how to find interns to work for your small business or startup, we can help. For more information on companies that offer internships for college students and the English Department Internship Program, please contact the Director of Internships, Dr. Wendy Hinshaw today at (561) 297-3838 or email