Minor in Dance

Dance Class

The Dance Program in the Department of Theatre and Dance has eliminated the audition step in the application process for the Minor in Dance (MiD). This means the minor is open to all undergraduate students, including transfer students. Seniors and graduate students are ineligible.

Because the MiD moves from an audition-based to a project-base minor, candidates must develop a proposal outlining how they will use the MiD. The BFA Musical Theatre Concentration students are expected to minor in dance and are exempt from the proposal. The proposal must be presented to the Director of Dance and the Dance Faculty during the second or third year to be adjudicated for feasibility, rigor, and constructive input. The 18-credit MiD requires that nine (9) credits must be completed at FAU and that nine (9) credits must be upper division, or level 2 courses.* These nine (9) credits can meet both criteria.

The first step towards declaring the MiD is contacting the Department of Theatre and Dance at dance@fau.edu. Musical Theatre students are required to provide this information.

Please send the following information in your email (Subject: Minor in Dance):  

  • Full name (e.g., Jean Jhane Deaux) 
  • Z-number (e.g., Z-12345678) 
  • Status (e.g., Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Transfer) 
  • Major (e.g., Communications, Behavioral Science, Musical Theatre), and  
  • Complete contact information (including your FAU email address).  

* Prospective MiD candidates who do not reach upper division courses have the option of changing their status from MiD to a Minor in Theatre since this happens in-house, within the Department, and credits are transferable.

Check out the Minor in Dance requirements!