Minor in Dance


Dance Class

The Department of Theatre and Dance in the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters at Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton) is pleased to announce the establishment of a Minor in Dance (effective Fall 2016). The Minor in Dance is open to all undergraduate students who have been accepted into FAU and demonstrate requisite dance proficiency by way of an audition. (Auditions will be conducted on the Friday immediately before the start of the semester.)

The Minor in Dance requirement is 18-credits, nine of which must be upper-division courses. A minimum of nine credit hours must be unique to the minor and may not be used to satisfy requirements for any other degree. A grade of a “C” or better must be achieved in all courses completed to qualify for completion of the degree requirements. Courses that receive undifferentiated grading options (like “Pass/Fail”) are not applicable toward this degree requirement.

Students who transfer to FAU and are seeking the Minor in Dance may apply equivalent lower level courses only toward the minor. All upper-division courses must be completed at FAU. Transfer course equivalency is subject to approval by the Department of Theatre and Dance. At least 75% of all Minor in Dance credits must be earned at FAU.

Minor in Dance Audition

For all queries about the Minor in Dance and the dance program, contact Clarence Brooks, Associate Professor and Director of Dance, by email at cbrook20@fau.edu.

Audition Guidelines