Spanish Minor

Students wishing to add a minor to one of their majors, can do so by earning up to 18 credits in Spanish. While the minor does not signal the same level of advanced competency in language and culture as does the major, it is a credential that certifies the student has concentrated studies in Spanish through the high intermediate level and has some exposure to the culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Minors are recommended for those students who cannot fit in the demands of a second major or who wish to use their university electives to concentrate in acquiring second language or Heritage language skills.

For a list of the Minor course requirements, click on the link below. You may print this checklist and turn it in to the Spanish Minor advisor.

Requirement Checklist

In order to ensure that the minor appears on your transcript after graduation, you must have the Spanish Minors advisor sign your "Application for Degree" form before you turn it into your college.