Communication Studies: Overview

Undergrad Communication Studies

Criteria and Requirements

Credits to Graduate: 120
Credits in Major: 36
Upper Division Credits in Arts & Letters: 12
FAU Residence Credits: 30
Upper Division Credits: 45

Overall 2.0 GPA required for entry into major
Overall 2.0 GPA must be maintained to remain in major
Grade of "C" or better is required for each course in the major. All courses in the major must be graded. Pass/Fail is not accepted.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies is a problem-focused program that emphasizes contemporary cultural concerns while situating these within the broader context of communication and cultural theory. The purpose of the degree is to provide students with the awareness, knowledge, motivation and skills to develop communication strategies to address the problems of a global society, and the emphasis is on all forms of civic engagement. The program examines the strategic role that symbol systems play in constructing meaning in a fast-changing, information-based, media-saturated, and culturally diverse world. Courses examine how meaning informs and persuades individuals, and introduce students to the history and theories of how communication operates in societies. The goal is for students to demonstrate a high level of oral and written communication, critical thinking, and analytical problem-solving skills, and to become active in civic life.

Introductory Course (3 Credits)

The following course is required:

  • COM 2053 Introduction to Communication and Civic Life

Theory (9 Credits)

Three (3) courses from the following:

  • COM 3405 Human Communication Theory (Prerequisite: COM 2053)
  • SPC 3542 Rhetorical Theories of Persuasion (Prerequisite: COM 2053)
  • COM 4603 New Media and Civic Discourse (Prerequisite: COM 2053)
  • SPC 3233 Classical Rhetoric (Prerequisite: COM 2053)
  • SPC 3235 Contemporary Rhetoric (Prerequisite: COM 2053)
  • SPC 3272 Rhetorical Foundations of Publics and Counterpublics (Prerequisite: COM 2053)
  • SPC 3717 Intercultural Theory (Prerequisite: COM 2053)

Methods (6 Credits)

Two (2) courses from the following:

  • SPC 3704 American Multicultural Discourse
  • SPC 4273 Rhetorical Analysis of Democracy (WAC Course)
  • SPC 4517 Rhetoric of Argument (WAC Course)
  • SPC 4680 Rhetorical Criticism (WAC Course) (Prerequisite: Com 2053)

Performance (6 Credits)

Two (2) courses from the following:

  • COM 4703 Storytelling
  • SPC 2300 Interpersonal Communication
  • SPC 2608 Public Speaking (REQUIRED)
  • SPC 3425 Small Group Processes
  • SPC 4513 Argumentation and Debate

Contexts (9 Credits)

Three (3) courses from the following:

  • COM 3014 Communication, Gender, and Language
  • COM 3120 Organizational Communication
  • COM 3342 Communication and U.S. Cultural Studies
  • COM 3462 Conflict and Communication
  • COM 3500 Political Communication
  • COM 3945 Communication Internship (18 credits in major; 3.0 in major)
  • COM 4201 Corporate Communication
  • COM 4411 Rhetoric and Aesthetics of Contemporary Culture
  • COM 4461 Nonverbal Communication in a Diverse Society
  • COM 4707 Peace, Conflict, and Oral Narrative
  • SPC 4718 Ethnicity and Communication
  • MMC 3601 Minorities and the Media
  • MMC 4301 International Communication
  • MMC 4704 Media, Representation, and Diversity
  • RTV 4412 Gender and Television
  • SPC 3710 Intercultural Communication
  • SPC 4232 Studies in Rhetoric
  • SPC 4443 Leadership and Communication
  • SPC 4540 Propaganda
  • SPC 4633 Rhetoric of Social Protest
  • SPC 4712 Gender, Race, and Communication

Capstone (3 Credits)

Attention SCMS Students--Effective Fall 2021: Submission of the course authorization form will no longer be required to register for Capstone/Practicum. Eligible students must have senior class status (90+ credit hours) and major (Communication Studies or Multimedia Studies, MMJ or FVNM) to register. Please log on to My FAU when you are able to register for the course. See your specific registration day and time at .

One (1) course from the following:

  • SPC 4271 Communication and Civic Life Capstone (currently titled: Communication, Democracy, and Civic Engagement) (SENIOR STATUS; Prerequisite: COM 2053)

College of Arts and Letters

  • 12 Upper Division Credits in college (beyond Gen Ed), or a Minor or Certificate

Academic Learning Compact

Download the Academic Learning Compact for Communication Studies.

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