Bodies In Motion Schedule

The Center for Body, Mind, and Culture of the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters, Florida Atlantic University presents a two-day international conference December 4-5, 2008

Bodies in Motion:
Explorations in Perception and Performance


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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Conference sessions will take place in the Senate Chambers and Majestic Palm Room

Senate Chambers located in the Student Activities Building

9:30 Welcome Richard Shusterman ( Florida Atlantic University) and John Pritchett ,University Provost

Chair: Susan Love Brown ( Anthropology, FAU)

10:00-10:40  Hans-Peter Krüger ( University of Potsdam, Germany) " The Limits of Personality: Having a body and living the body "

10:40-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-11:40 Prisca Augustyn ( Florida Atlantic University) "Jakob von Uexküll’s Umweltlehre and Biosemiotics"

11:50-12:30 Donald Morse ( Webster University) "The Performance of Thinking"    

Lunch break from 12:30-2:00

Chair: Carol Gould (Philosophy, FAU)

2:00-2:40  Fred Maus (University of Virginia) "Bodily experience in musical performance and listening"

2:50- 3:30 Kathleen Coessens (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium) "Artistic performance as expert habitus: situated acts of self-reflective embodied practices"

Majestic Palm Room located in the Student Activities Building

Chair: Lester Embree ( Philosophy, FAU)

10:00-10:40 Curtis Carter ( Marquette University) "Expression, Moving Bodies, and the Eye of the Camera: Rudolf Arnheim, Martha Graham, Barbara Morgan

10:40-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00- 11:40 Fuminori Akiba (Nagoya University, Japan) "Aesthetics of ‘haptica’ project"

11:50-12:30 Oliver Feltham (American University of Paris) "Can Alain Badiou's phenomenology speak of bodies?"

Lunch break from 12:30-2:00

Chair: Caren Neile (Communication, FAU)

2:00-2:40 Barbara Formis (University of Paris 1 - Pantheon-Sorbonne) "Re- enacting a mourning"   

2:50-3:30 Eric Mullis (Queens University of Charlotte) "Technology, Dance Values, and Dance Aesthetics"

4:00-4:40 Claudia Kappenberg (University of Brighton, UK) "Bread Tools and Mittens"

Friday, December 5, 2008

Conference Sessions will take place in the Majestic Palm room and Live Oak C & D

Majestic Palm Room located in the Student Activities Building

Chair: Robin Fiore (Philosophy, FAU)

9:30-10:10 J.J. Abrams (Creighton University) "Somaesthetics and Posthumanism"

10:10- 10:30 Coffee Break

10:30-11:10 Stephen Fiore (University of Central Florida) "Somatics and Simulation: Bridging the Body and the Brain to Understand Ethics Education"

11:20-12:00 Galen Cranz (University of California, Berkley) "Body Conscious Design"

Lunch break from 12:30-2:00

Chair: Jane Caputi (Women's Studies, FAU)

2:00-2:40 Joan Grassbaugh-Forry (Vanderbilt University) "Mindfulness and Somatic Feminism"

2:50-3:30 Satoshi Higuchi (Hiroshima University, Japan) "Archaeology of the Art of Body Movement: Learning from Japanese Ko-bujutsu"

3:40-4:10 Cressida Heyes (University of Alberta, Canada)   "Thinking through the Body: Philosophy And/As Physical Education"

Live Oak rooms C and D located in the Live Oak Pavilion 

Chair: Brian McConnell (Art History, FAU)

9:30-10:10 Allie Terry (Bowling Green State University) "Criminal Embodiment and the Aesthetic Cultivation of Forgiveness in Florence"

10:10-10:30 Coffee Break

10:30-11:10  Daniel Barber (Emory University, USA) "Traces of the Self: Embodied Perception and Studio Practice in Painting, Teaching, and the Interpretation of Aesthetic Experience"

Lunch break from 12:30-2:00

Chair: Ken Holloway (History, FAU)

2:00-2:40 Jennifer Low (Florida Atlantic University) "Geometry, Space, and the Human: Laszlo Moholy-Nagy Revisits E. T. A. Hoffmann"

2:50-3:30 Barbara Montero (The City University of New York) "Does bodily awareness interfere with highly skilled movement?"

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