Casting and Season Selection

Policy Statement



The following policy statements are based on the premise that the FAU Department of Theatre and Dance strives to fulfill the following departmental mission and values statement:


The mission of the Department of Theatre and Dance is to produce innovative artists and scholars through a pursuit of academic and creative excellence.


The Department of Theatre and Dance values:

  • Engaging in the highest quality of professional training
  • Providing an experiential approach to the collaborative nature of theatre and dance
  • Integrating production experience with a scholarly understanding of theatre and dance as artistic forms
  • Encouraging innovative exploration through classic and contemporary methodologies in theatre and dance
  • Developing excellence in research and creative expression in the classroom and production process
  • Encouraging and celebrating diversity in our community
  • Providing active leadership in the contribution to South Florida culture
  • Engaging with our various campus and regional communities

As such, the Department of Theatre and Dance adheres to the following policies:


When casting the department productions and with a commitment to providing equal opportunity to all students, the following criteria are considered:

  • The pedagogical needs of the students especially those of the MFA (primarily) and BFA (secondarily) degree programs
  • The quality of the audition given especially with regards to the student’s demonstrated preparedness and connection with the material performed
  • The skillset and talent of the student as demonstrated in the audition
  • The student’s preparedness to function effectively within an ensemble and meet the demands of the individual production as demonstrated in the audition
  • The student’s demonstrated commitment to the department and to their own degree program
  • The student’s availability and ability to meet the rehearsal and performance demands of the production
  • The student’s demonstrated professionalism throughout their tenure at the university

Season Selection

When selecting productions, department faculty and key staff consider the following criteria:

  • Mirroring the curricular progression of the MFA performance degree program especially with regards to the acting classes and the material covered therein in the following sequence: American Realism, Modern Realism, Classical (Elizabethan, Jacobean, Restoration), Anti-Realism/Post-Modernism
  • The pedagogical needs of the students especially those of the MFA (primarily) and the BFA (secondarily) degree programs
  • The size and scope of cast as called for in the script with primary importance placed on serving as large a constituency of departmental students as possible
  • Recognizing the gender imbalance that exists in theatre and promoting plays that offer adequate performance opportunities for all genders.
  • Providing equal participation opportunities to all departmental students
  • Tending to the fiscal responsibilities and technical capabilities of the department
  • The period and genre of a play so as to provide the students with as varied a performance experience as possible; mirroring the variety of material students are likely to encounter in the professional arena
  • Providing students and audience with thought-provoking, artistically engaging, creatively satisfying performance experiences
  • Providing an entertaining experience for our South Florida community