Awards, Assistantships, and Fellowships

Undergraduate Awards

The Department of Anthropology at Florida Atlantic University provides awards for excellence in undergraduate studies.  Among the awards offered annually by the department are:

The John Q. Adams Award for International Travel -  Awards ranging from $200-$500 are provided to qualified students in the Department of Anthropology at FAU who travel in association with the FAU fieldwork research experience in Ecuador. This award was established by the late Mrs. Ann Adams in honor of her husband, John Q. Adams.

The Stephanie Adams Memorial Scholarship – An award of $500 to a qualified freshman/sophomore Anthropology major.   The award is named in honor of Stephanie Adams, a former Anthropology student.

The Faculty Award for Outstanding Student in Anthropology – An award to one or two students at the junior/senior level of $300-$500.  The award was established by Professor William J. Kennedy, FAU Professor Emeritus, and faculty contributions.

Florida Atlantic University Financial Aid Office


Graduate Program Awards, Assistantships, and Fellowships

The Department of Anthropology at Florida Atlantic University is able to offer financial assistance for entering and continuing full-time enrolled graduate students. 

Teaching Assistantships - Teaching assistantships are awarded annually to incoming and continuing graduate students.  Teaching Assistantship stipends pay $6240/semester and include a full-time graduate enrollment tuition-waiver of 9 credits.  Assistantships are awarded on a merit basis and cannot be requested.  For consideration for an assistantship, the department must have your completed application prior to February 20th. 

Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN) Assistantships - A teaching assistantship is awarded for each academic year.  The assistantships include a stipend and a full-time graduate enrollment tuition-waiver of 9 credits.  The assistantship provides practical work experience in public archaeology.  Duties include assistance with public outreach and the development of a project that promotes or interprets Florida's prehistory and/or history.

Morrow Research and Writing Fellowship –  A competitively awarded fellowship is given annually in the Spring semester to a graduate students for the research/writing stage of the Master's thesis development.

Ann Adams Thesis Fellowships – Two competitively awarded fellowships are provided in the Spring semester to support graduate students in the research/writing stage of the Master's thesis.  The awards are provided with the generous support an endowment left to the Anthropology Department by the late Ms. Ann Adams.