Graduate Wind Conducting

Graduate Program in Instrumental Conducting

This program is designed to provide the experienced instrumental conductor with opportunities to develop advanced knowledge and skills in conducting technique, repertoire, score study, instrument pedagogy and rehearsal techniques.

Designed to serve a small and highly select population of graduate students, the Instrumental Conducting Program at FAU requires full-time commitment to graduate study. The successful candidate will have completed an undergraduate degree in either music education or music performance with substantial pedagogy training, and will have had experience as a professional conductor/ teacher at the secondary school level. Highly qualified applicants will have substantial experience teaching marching band, and at least three years of experience conducting bands or orchestras at the high school level.

In addition to the materials required for the Department of Music Graduate Application, audition materials include:

  • A video recording of the applicant rehearsing a band or orchestra for approximately 20 minutes
  • A video recording of the applicant conducting a complete work in performance
  • A live audition on the applicants primary instrument
  • A brief interview with the band faculty, regarding goals, philosophy and expectations.

Download the Scope and Sequence for the Graduate Wind Conducting Program