Rachel Talasko


Rachel Talasko (MA Sociology, 2012)

"During my time at Florida Atlantic University, I was able to explore the intersection of political-economy, race, and education. Guided by these interests, and hoping to explore them further, I joined Teach For America. The program placed me in Hawaii, where I now live. I currently teach 5th grade at a low-income elementary school in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. My graduate studies at FAU prepared me to serve in several leadership roles, and more importantly, my work in sociology allowed me to understand the current and historical realities that construct the experiences of my students.

I recently earned my MS in Education from Johns Hopkins University. With this degree, I was able to further explore the role of education in low-income, high-need areas. In the near future, I hope to go back to school to earn my PhD in a cultural/social based education program. I hope to research the unique effects of a forced American school system on the native populations in Hawaii."